About Senate members

Mettu University Senate

The following are voting members of The University senate

1. President ________  Chairperson

2. Academic Vice President_______ Member

3. Adminsrative Vice President_____ Member

4. Director of Research and Community Service_ Member

5. Director of Students' Affairs____Member

6. Deans of Faculties____ Members

7. Director of  Library and Information centre_____ Member

8. Director of ICT_____ Member

9. Director of Intitutional Reform____Member

10. Director of Academic Program__ Member

11. Director of Quality Assurance____ Member

12. Director of Public and External Relations___ Member

13. Director of Gender Affair and HIV/AIDS ___Member

14. Director of Registrar___ Secretary

15. Director of Continuing and Distance Education____ Member

16. Two Selected Staff members(one from academic and one from adminstrative)__ Members

17. Two students from students' union(preferably one male and one female)__ Members