Academic Programs

List of All Programs in Mettu University

Now a day Mettu University has a number of undergraduate programs. These programs are offered in different disciplines including Medicine, Engineering,  Business, Social and Natural Sciences.

Undergraduate program in engineering

·      BSc in Civil Engineering

·      BSc in Electrical & Computer Engineering

·      Bsc in Mechanical Engineering

·      Bsc in Computer Science

·      BSc in Information Technology

·      BSc in construction management Engineering

Undergraduate Programs in Natural and Computational science

·      BSc in Biology (Regular, summer)

·      BSc in Chemistry (Regular, summer)

·      BSc in Mathematics (Regular, summer)

·      BSc in Physics (Regular, summer)

·      BSc in Sport Science (Regular, summer)

·      BSc in Statistics

Undergraduate program Medicine and Health science 

·      BSc in Health Officer

·      BSc in clinical Nursing (in regular and summer)

·      BSc, Midwifery

·      Bsc, in Psychiatry

Undergraduate program Business and economics

·      BA in Accounting

·      BA in Economics

·      BA Management

·      BSc in Management information system

Undergraduate program social Science and Humanities

·      BA in Geography and Environmental Studies (in regular and summer)

·      BA in Sociology

·      BA in English (in regular and summer)

·      BA Degree in civics and Ethical Education

·      B.Ed. Degree in Afan Oromo (in regular and summer)

·      B.Ed. Degree in Oromo Folklore

Undergraduate Program

·      BA in adult Education (in regular program)