Core Activites


                 Objectives of Health Officer Department  

The objective of the program is to produce competent graduates capable of;

F Assessing community health needs and prioritize identified problems 

F Intervening on  the identified health and health related problems of the community

F Promoting health, preventing and controlling disease

F Providing curative and rehabilitative  health services

F  Leading health services and health offices

F Undertaking operational and problem solving researches

Focus area of research and community service

  • Communicable diseases and their determinants given priority in the HSDP i.e. malaria, TB, HIV, …et
  •  Communicable diseases prevention/Infectious diseases prevention  STD and gender related issues
  •  Neglected tropical disease such as  vector borne diseases, intestinal parasites and other epidemic born disease
  • Quality of health care and related factors
  • Environmental health and sanitation issues
  • Evaluation of different health programs