Core Activites

Core Activities of Department of psychiatry

Educational philosophy

·         Competence based

·         Community based

Educational strategy 

·         Student-centered

·         Team approach

Program Requirements

Selection and Admission Criteria

A. Generic

Candidates must be a natural science (biology, chemistry, general sciences) student in preparatory classes and fulfill the following criteria;

·         Meet the set criteria by the Ministry of Education and Haramaya University for degree students to join higher learning institution.

·          Be physically fit (at least the candidate should be physically healthy capable of undertaking the four techniques of diagnosis of disease in clinical medicine i.e inspection, palpation, percussion and auscultation) and not having hearing problem.

·         Female candidates will be encouraged 

·         Preferably, those who have interest to choose the profession.

 B. Advance Standing

To be eligible for admission into the advance standing B.Sc. program the candidate should fulfill the following criteria: 


·         Diploma from a recognized school of psychiatric nursing

·         Diploma in nursing (Comprehensive, Clinical, and Public health nursing) from a recognized professional school showing a minimum of two years training with current practice on psychiatric nursing area.

·         Official transcript

·         Minimum service of 2 years

·         Those who pass entrance examination more on professional subjects by considering (CGPA 30%, iterance examination 70% and pass mark is 60% and above in competitive manner)

·         Age not more than 45 years

·         Confidentially written recommendation letter from the immediate supervisor

Candidates must submit sponsorship paper from employing agency. If self sponsored, it will be based on the rules and regulations of the University registrar.