Core Activites

Mettu University 
department of Statistics   is center for academic excellence integrating training, research and service, trains higher caliber professionals at undergraduate levels. Based on the growing need of skilled human resource in the profession of statistics, Mettu University has launched  undergraduate program for the Bachelor of Science in statistics with the aim of providing such professionals to fill the gap for careers in the field of statistics. 

The Department of Statistics of Mettu University is aimed

·         To produce qualified graduates in Statistics that is adaptable with problem solving capacity.

  • To develop critical statistical reasoning, with emphasis on the development of computational, mathematical and communication skills (oral and written)
  • To give training in statistical software and statistical literacy
  • To provide  statistical consultancy services
  • To participate and lead socioeconomic and other studies where statistical methods are applicable.

Future plan:

To produce students those are good in academic and research for solving sociatal problems.