Deparetment of Chemistry

Mettu University

Faculty of Natural and Computational Sciences

Department of Chemistry


The Department of Chemistry is one of the first established Departments in Mettu University under Natural & Computational Sciences Faculty in 2004 E.C. It has started by enrolling 42 students among 161 students assigned to Faculty of Natural and Computational Sciences and with 5 MSc holder Chemistry Instructors.  At 2006 E.C this department offered 1st, 2nd and3rd year regular program students who were 136 in number and 51 1st and 2nd summer program students aswell. Except 2004 E.C entry, who were graduated at 2006 E.C, the department have been performing teaching-learning process based on the newly launched modularized curriculum, specifically by semester-based modularized curriculum. The Degree Nomenclature is Bachelor of Science Degree (B. Sc) in Chemistry with three years duration.