Department of Business Information System

Faculty of Business And Economics

Department of Management Information System

Back Ground of The Department

 Information systems are essential to the operations and management of businesses today. To become effective business professionals, students must be educated in information systems and technology, and in the integration of information systems into business activities. A student’s understanding of business is limited without an understanding of information systems. For that reason, MIS program is designed to prepare students to become leaders using information systems for the benefit of business, organizations and society in general. The commencement of the program in Mettu University, under the faculty of Business and Economics was 2006 E.C. / 2013/14. The name of the degree to be awarded upon the successful accomplishment of the program is Bachelor of Science Degree in Management Information system. Standard/ regular period of the study is three academic years with six semesters. Fees or a charge for regular students is cost sharing. This program will produce capable graduates who can perform adequately in real life situations and will promote knowledge in the field of MIS through research.

 Facility and services

 Since our main customers are our students; we are always dedicated to serve them and striving to keep them satisfied with our performance in every aspect, best-in-class service and support; flexible customization capability. In doing so, we will meet customer expectations of highest quality. Currently the program is in operation with only one computer laboratory for the students with partially fulfilled office materials for staff, which will hopefully grow with the expansion of the university.

External links

In its first year of operation, the department established a link with local universities having same department but the industry linkage is on progress.