Department of Clinical Nursing

Mettu University Faculty of Public and Medical Science

Department of Nursing


Mettu University Nursing department was established in 2005 with an enrollment of 50 students for BSc Nursing training program.
As nursing is a practice-oriented profession students become competent through CPTP, hospital and Health center based practice in different settings by ongoing integration of knowledge and skill practice followed by an internship or professional practice.
MettuUniversity Department of Nursing generally believes that the nurse prepared at the baccalaureates level is a generalist who functions as a practitioner, scholar, and leader.  By functioning autonomously, the nurse implements the nursing process for individuals, families, groups and communities throughout the life cycle. 
In the same line, the rapidly changing health care system, society’s expectation and orientation to health, technological advances, knowledge explosion, scientific discoveries and trends towards community, clinical, home and self-care requires nurses to possess increased knowledge, competence, greater independence and autonomy in professional judgments. In addition, the presence of supportive policy in Ethiopia for the development and expansion of graduate studies entails the demand for graduate studies in nursing.