Department of English Language And Literature

Mettu University

Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities

Department of English Language and Literature

 Background of the Department

 The importance of English Language is unquestionable given that the language is among the few languages used internationally (become global language) as a medium of communication and all forms of interaction (economic, political, etc.) between nations across countries and continents. Its teaching at undergraduate level in countries like Ethiopia becomes inevitable to produce citizens capable of working at global level to aid the development of the country in every affair. Providing training in English Language and Literature at undergraduate level in Universities like Mettu, which aspires to become premier in the country, respected in Africa and renown in the world, is also an indubitable issue as it aids in achieving its mission. The Department of English Language and Literature in Mettu University works towards achieving the mission of the country at large and university in particular by producing qualified individuals with the required competence. It is believed that students should have adequate training and practice in the subject matter to thrive in the modern employment market. Among others, students should know about how human language functions. They also need to know about the principles that guide the scientific study of language. In addition, they need to practice different levels of writing, reading, listening, and speaking in English. The candidates must have also the opportunity to engage in oral communication in a variety of situations and develop the oral communication skills necessary to be able to transfer the same skills to their job. They also require analysing literary texts and conducting research to solve problems. In general, the candidates must have full mastery of the target language. As a result, they are expected to have the competence and confidence to use the language for their purposes.