Ethical and Anti-Corruption Office

Mettu University Ethical and Anti Corruption Office has the following Mission,Vision, Objectives and Focus area of work

Mission: - In cooperation with relevant bodies to insure transparency and accountability in government operations by promoting anti- corruption education preventing corruption and impropriety and investigating and prosecuting corruption offences .

Vision: -  To become  one of the best anti-corruption institution among 10 Universities in the country by  2023 G.C by curbing corruption to the level where it can not become an obstacle to good governance and development efforts of the University


  •   In cooperation with relevant bodies to prevent corruption offence and other improprieties
  • To expose investigate and prosecute corruption offences and impropriety
  • In cooperation with relevant bodies to strive to create an aware society where corruption will not be condoned or tolerated by promoting ethics and anti-corruption education

Focus area

  •  Justice system in the university
  • Construction
  • Corruption preventing
  •  Serving as an ethical model
  • Being an equal opportunity employer
  • Showing the maximum determination and perseverance in fighting corruption

  Rules and regulation

  • Being role model to good ethics
  • Ready for change
  • Team sprit
  • Fighting corruption
  •  Serving with integrity.