Gender Office


General information about Mettu university gender office

The office was established as Mettu university gender office in soon as the university started its teaching learning activities. The office was empowered to incorporate gender mainstreaming and to ensure gender equality as well as gender equity in the university.

Staff: - The office has 2 staff members namely head of the office (1) and expert (1)  

 Accountability: - Accountable to the president of the university 

  Mettu university gender office strives to create suitable conditions that enable females, equally    competent and empowered to males, in all aspects. Vision


Mettu university gender office stands to see equal participation, benefits and competency among female and male in all social, economic, and political aspects


To produce the competent female graduates and to improve the participation of the women in decision making positions by reducing gender gaps

Current activities

  •  Welcome program for 1st year female students
  • Organize tutorial class for all females and needy male students  
  •   Fund raising  for economically  needy  female and male students
  •      Follow up the implementation of  the activities of  tutorial class and economic support
  •    Search sponsorship for training on topical issues like gender concept (gender equality, gender equity, and gender based violence), Acadamic skill, Stress and stress management, assertiveness, adolescent reproductive health and HIV/AIDS, etc.
  •  Reward for female students with high acadamic achievements  
  •    Encourage female student association’s
  •     Provide university experience for the secondary school female students
  •      Facilitate the implementation of Anti-Harassment police

 Activities will incorporated

  •      Facilitate the establishments of female students library services
  •   Establishes income generating activities like Beauty salon , cosmetics shops and  photocopy center  in the university and even at each campus
  •   Provide the photocopy services for needy female students
  • Establishes recreational services such as TV center and different games  for female students in the campus
  •   Provide guidance and counseling service for female students lonely
  • Facilitate English language improvement training for administrative female  staffs
  •   Scholarship for further education for both acadamic and administrative females staff
  •  Organize training on the concepts of  gender, assertiveness and leadership for women workers
  •  Provides training for academic staff on the issue of gender mainstreaming and why affirmative action for female students?
  •    Empowering females to decision making positions
  • Conducts gender related researches.
  •    Make link with all stakeholders and other relevant organizations



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