Institutional Reform Directorate

Institutional Reform Office

Major Responsibility: Spearheading Institutional Reform Agenda in University

The current demand for institutional reform in Ethiopian public higher institutions vitalizes the implementation of various reform tools thereby to realize customer satisfaction among other outcomes. As per higher institutions reform directives, Mettu University has indulged in implementing the reform tools undermentioned.

Business Process Reengineering (BPR): 

In order that institutions would be able effectively to discharge their responsibilities, there needs to design an appropriate business process.The focus of reengineering was dramatic and radical process redesign.

Mettu University has designed and implemented a new business process to address the needs and expectations of its customers. The designed process involves two major processes (Academic; Research, Technology Transfer and Community Services) and four sub processes (Student Services, Human Recourse Administration, Finance Administration, Procurement and Property Management). Other vital offices remain operational with their core accountabilities.

 Balanced Score Card- BSC:

A Balanced Scorecard is a management tool that provides the university’s management with a comprehensive set of measures to assess how the organization is progressing toward meeting its strategic goals. With this regard, Mettu University implements the BSC scheme supported by an automated system. The automation signifies the institution’s strategic plan and it issupported by the software nationally indorsed for Ethiopia’s higher institutions/universities.

This system operationalizes corporate objectives under the four pillars (Academic Excellence; Research Technology Transfer; Community Services; and Operational and Administrative Excellence) that are organized under the four perspectives (Customer, Finance, Internal Business Process, Learningand Growth).

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