Message from the Academic Vice President

Kitessa Chemeda (PhD)
I am proud to be a part of Mettu University which was founded in 2010 distinctively near the scenery of the beauty of Sor-Geba Forest, Ilu-Abab-Bora Zone. It was established as one of the nine youngest universities to meet the demand of the country’s fast increasing needs for high level professionals. It started its teaching learning process in December, 2011.
Our goal is to provide our students with a high-quality education and to assure that they are connected and access to the university’s valuable resources so they can successfully graduate and enter into a career of their choice.

As other higher learning institutions of Ethiopia, Mettu University focuses on three key areas of activities, such as teaching-learning, research and community service. It started its teaching learning activities in two faculties by enrolling 294 students in science and technology. Of 294, 133 and 161 students were enrolled in Engineering and Natural and Computational Sciences, respectively. In addition to the regular programs, the university has started to provide some programs  in weekend, evening and summer so as to fulfill the community’s need for further education.  

Currently, we are ready to offer some dynamic programs by adapting new ways of delivering quality education so as to improve the economic, social, cultural, and intellectual conditions of our country. Accordingly, five faculties and one Institute of Education are functional , comprising  27 programs, such as Engineering and Tecnology, Natural and Computational Science, Social and Humanities, Public Health  and Medical Science and Business and Economics  faculties. We are also ready to enroll new students in some demanding programs in weekend and summer programs. 

As a whole, from its beginning, our University has encouraged its students to work for a world that is increasingly a global village and harmoniously interconnected. Thus, it will continue to work hard to build sound traditions of teaching, research and community service in all our programs; thereby, establishing an environment of mutual cooperation and team spirit, where faculty, staff and students make a wholesome one - to learn, to research and to deliver.