Message from Research and Community Service Director




Message from the Research and Community Service Directorate Office

It gives me a great pleasure and honor to welcome you to the web-page of the Research and Community Service Directorate (RCSD)office of Mettu University. RCSD office of Mettu University was opened officially in the month of October 2013 and since then; it has been engaging in different problem solving research activities, consultancy and community services according to the thematic areas identified and in-line with policies and strategies of the current government.

The RCSD office,in its infant age have been involving in several research activities and attempting to address common national and societal problems we are facing today. On the other hand, the office tried to assist our young researchers coming from different disciplines with their research programs and help them to organize research teams, refine proposals and protocols, and identify sources of support for their projects. Capacity building program for our young academic staff and promoting collaborative works are also the focus of the office to undertake and put into practice effective researches. 

Generally speaking, researches conducted at Mettu University are in-line with the thematic areas, which are commenced to address an overarching goal to prior national problems. It is also designed to conduct a cooperative and team research platform to reach issues of broader context and scope that extends from specific field of knowledge and feasible outputs. In this regard, thematic based researches are expected to support and help to alleviate economic, political and societal hindrances of the nation.

The other feature of thematic researches is its multi-disciplinary nature that partake scholars/researchers from diverse fields of studies and integrate a number of research groups and involve government institutions, private sectors, civil societies, non-governmental organizations and others.The final outcomes then, will be employed and involve filling the socio-economic gaps of the society.  Hence, the RCSD office of Mettu University has been trying to create and launch an open and conducive environment to our young researchers in order to motivate and engage them in intellectual activities.

Since its establishment, more than 105 different research projects have been undertaken by these young academic staff of the University. The projects are all financed by the University’s small research fund which is released from the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development of the country. The result of the projects has been reported and dissemination is now begun to progress. First round national research conference was organized a year ago and more than 25 research papers of our own get presented and published on the proceedings.For the second times we are arranging and will be lunched soon and expected to be fruitful too.

On the other hand consultancy and community services are the second wing of the RCSD office of the University. The office does have strong linkage with the society and can positively influence the growth and developments in the focus areas. So far, the RCSD moved long providing particularly on capacity building trainings to support schools, health institutions, administrative sector offices of the zone and the town, small and micro enterprises, the nearby farmers and students of the University.   

Finally, having innovative and young academic and research staffs in our University, we are looking forward to work with the surrounding communities, governmental and non-governmental organizations, national and international higher education and research institutions, sister public Universities found in the country and industries to strive poverty and  reach what we have inspiring. 


Contact information 

Solomon Yeshanew Alamirew (MSc) 

(Director) Research and Community Service Directorate

Cell phone: +251-913-936754

April, 2015

Mettu University, Mettu, Ethiopia