Quality Assurance Directorate

Quality Assurance and Enhancement Directorate

Following the Higher Education Proclamation (351/2003), the Higher Education Strategy Center (HESC), the Higher Education Relevance and Quality Assurance Agency (HERQA) and Institutional Quality Assurance and Enhancement (IQAE) have been established to give strategic direction and to ensure quality in the growing system of higher education in Ethiopia. This in turn necessitated that a quality assurance system be in place at the university level to meet the challenges related to rapid expansion and the ever increasing customer expectation.

The Ethiopian Higher Education Proclamation (650/2009) urges the establishment of internal system of quality in universities which shall provide clear and comprehensive measures of quality covering professional development of academic staff, course contents, teaching-learning processes, student evaluation, assessment and grading systems, which shall also include student evaluation of course contents together with the methods and systems of delivery, assessment, Examination and grading. In recent years, the Ethiopian higher education system has demonstrating unprecedented increase in students’ enrolment rate which has brought about the issues of quality as the major areas of concern. As the result of rapid expansion, the current system is confronted with numerous problems, such as :

  • Quality assessment is not conducted systematically, and/or regularly (e.g. data collection instruments, procedures and feedback of results are flawed)
  • Classroom teaching practice and assessment fall below the quality expected
  • The responsibilities for quality issues by bodies at various levels in the institution are undefined
  •  There is no system of continuing professional development (CPD) to help instructors develop their skills and to learn from CPD initiatives in all faculties.
  •  There is no guideline for periodic curriculum review at department, faculty or institutional level
  • The aforementioned problems indicate the need for a comprehensive Educational Quality Assurance policy for the university and office should be established to govern this policy properly.

As a result, Quality Assurance and Relevance Directorate of Mettu University established through the board in 2013 as the key office responsible for guiding and regulating the Mettu University directorates, offices, faculties and departments on the issue of quality. In 2014 the mandates of the office has been amended through enlarging the office to have two coordination offices namely; enhancement and training, auditing because of the need for the university to have high quality assurance capable of monitoring, other directorates, offices, faculties and departments to ensure they provide high quality and relevant education and services that positively contribute to aim of the university.

Areas for Internal Quality Assurance

In the regular self-evaluation, all units of the university evaluate the functionality of the working processes or the realization of the strategic targets, using questions defined by the university management on the basis of the strategy. Within the framework of quality assurance system of the university, self evaluation is viewed as an ongoing cycle of moments examination of the university, as a whole, and each organizational unit to make sure the required standards of competence and excellence in the institutional performance is achieved. The following are focus areas for internal quality assurance;

  • Quality of programmers and Courses
  • Quality of Academic Staff
  • Quality of Teaching and Learning Experience
  •  Quality in Student Assessment
  •   Quality in Support Services
  •   Quality of Resources and Facilities
  • Quality of Research  and etc


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