Mettu University has started functioning in 2004 E.C. by taking 300 students in Natural and computational science and Engineering and Technology faculties. It is important that students and other stakeholders have full information of all the academic rules and the activities which are carried out by university registrar that they are subjected to during their stay in MeU either as a student or staff.

The university registrar office has various duties and responsibilities that range from preparing the academic calendar of the university to ensuring that all decisions of an academic nature are made pursuant to the University’s rules and regulations. In specific terms the office of the registrar’s duties and responsibilities include:


v  Mettu university Registrar is responsible for all operational matters pertaining to student intake, admission, placement, readmission, enrollment, class and exam schedules, and academic records, allocation of classrooms as well as lecture halls, and graduation;

v  Accomplish the duties and responsibilities given to it in close cooperation with the relevant academic units and other offices of the University;

v  Match up and processes the recruitment, admission, placement, and graduation of students;

v  Processes registration and course enrolment; sees to it that students pay tuitions and fees or sign cost sharing agreements prior to the beginning of classes; prepares and announces class schedules for classes and exams; provides dispatch of academic record services to alumni;

v  Processes, coordinates and oversees admissions and enrolments;

v  Develops and implements proper mechanisms and instruments for the recruitment, admission, placement and orientation of new undergraduate students;

v  Organizes, coordinates and oversees the orientation of new undergraduate students to the University and to campus life; and prepares and issues University Catalogue(s) and student handbooks of the University on a regular basis;

v  Develops and implements efficient and effective student information system including student record management that enables the University to collect, process, deploy and disseminate information and data on undergraduate programs, student population, and student activities;

v  Creates and maintains up-to-date, confidential and permanent records of all students, including drop-outs, dismissals, withdrawals, and alumni of undergraduate programs in particular by collecting student personal information necessary for academic management purpose, keeping and controlling physical and/or electronic official academic records of students, processing and communicating student records, controlling access and disclosure of student records, and retaining, correcting and disposing of student academic records;

v  Organizes, maintains and disseminates up-to-date data on student enrolment, admissions, withdrawals, attrition/completion, dropouts and graduates;

v  Maintains up-to-date, secure, accurate records on curricula of programs and on student admission and placement, differentiated based on types of programs and modes of delivery;

v  Schedules and processes the readmission of returning students;

v  Prepares and issues identification cards, attesting to the admission status of students;

v  Prepares and publishes the yearly undergraduate and graduate catalogue;

v  Organizes the registration of students according to courses of study;

v  Ensures, in consultation with relevant academic units, the proper utilization of classrooms, auditoriums and labs and maintains up-to-date accurate records of such utilizations; and reviews such utilization scheme yearly and delegates the implementation thereof to associate registrars as the need arises;

v  Prepares the Academic Calendar of the University each year in consultation with the Academic Vice President(AVP) and submits the same to the Senate for approval, ensures the timely distribution of such Calendar to the pertinent units of the University and sees to it that academic units strictly hold fast to the Calendar;

v  Facilitates the final Senate approval of graduation of students by preparing the list of candidates, recommended by the academic units, and eligible for the award of degrees, diplomas and certificates; and posts such list on the University website upon approval by the Senate;

v  Develops mechanisms for the early and timely certification of graduates; issues transcripts, degrees, diplomas and certificates;

v  Manages the collection, storage, correction, disclosure, retention and disposal of student academic records with proper regard to efficiency, integrity, accuracy, accessibility, privacy and security;

v  Permits students to view their academic records; allows only academic staff who have signed the University confidentiality agreement to have access to student records, disclose student records to law enforcement authorities and disclose student records to other persons only with the express consent of the student concerned;

v  Organizes and administers graduation functions, transcript evaluations, certification process/ issuance of transcripts and other academic credentials for students and alumni, ensuring efficient and effective workflow;

v  Issues university-wide general criteria for all matters pertaining to student intake, admission, selection and placement;

v  Ensures that pertinent laws and policies, directives of the Senate and its committees and guidelines on student intake capacity, selection, admission, placement, students enrollment management, curricula and graduation matters such as courses and credit requirements are strictly observed;

v  Without prejudice to the relevant provisions of the Proclamation, and upon approval of the AVP, consults with the Ministry on the determination of student intake capacity and admission;

v  Glimpse to it that a porch of student class size is met, and where such porch is not met, effects the cancellation of low enrollment for courses/modules and take such other measures deemed necessary in the circumstances;

v  Allows responsibility for the keeping of the Common Seal of the University;

v  Supports, coordinates and oversees the registrar units of the University in particular by providing them with leadership, support and oversees academic units for the implementation of related technology application in support of enhanced services offered through registration and students record management; and

v  Implements the University`s policies for enrollment and student records management.