Rules And Regulations

                                 Mettu University Academic Rules and Regulations

                Academic Calendar

E The University shall normally operate on a semester basis sixteen weeks each, between September and end of June except medical school that have 48 weeks in a year.


E All students must register in person.

E Students who fail to register within the dates set for both normal and late registration are subject to disqualification from the University for at least one year.

Identification Cards 

E All students registered at the University are given a non-transferable identification card with a unique and permanent registration number. 

E The ID card should be renewed every semester and but has to be returned upon graduation.

Dropping Out, Withdrawing & Clearance

E Students who intend to drop out or withdraw from the University for a semester or a year must discuss the matter thoroughly with their Academic Advisor.

E Application to withdraw must be made within six weeks after registration for the semester and presented to the respective department or school head.  Reasons for withdrawal must be supported by reliable and irrefutable document(s).

E Upon completion of each academic year and, upon graduation, students must undergo proper clearance procedures. If such procedures are not strictly followed, a student may later be denied use of all University services.

Choice of Faculty, Department   

E All full-time or regular degree students shall choose academic departments according to their desired field of study.

E Students, however, because of national manpower needs, enrollment pressures, and different departmental admission requirements, may be allocated by the university to faculties or departments other than those of their choice. 

Class Attendances  

 E A recorded absence of more than 20 percent in any course may constitute sufficient grounds to bar the student from sitting for the final examination in that course. 

Academic Misconduct 

E Students must be Self- dependent while workings, their examination, i.e. exchange of materials, talking and copying are strictly forbidden.

E The university takes severe disciplinary measures against academic nuisance, dishonest misbehavior, cheating, plagiarism, impersonation, etc.

E Any student, who is caught red handed while cheating in examination, will be denied of the total mark allotted for the mid-semester exam, if it is mid semester examination and he/she will get an "F" if it is final examination.

E If one cheats for the second time, he or she will be dismissed from the university

Repeating courses

Repeating a course or courses due to academic deficiency is not the right of a student but a privilege granted by the Academic Commission (AC).

a) A student who scores an "F” grade shall repeat the course in consultation with his/her advisor, but he/she will not be allowed to repeat it more than twice.

b) To repeat a course from a "D" grade, you have to apply to Academic Commission.  However, no such course may be repeated more than once unless it is a required course for graduation. 

c) If a student repeating a course, in which he/she obtained an "F” or a "D” grade, scores an "F", the last F grade will be final unless the student is allowed to repeat the course again.

                 d)    The maximum grade for a repeated course is a "C" but the previous grades of "F" or "D" should be shown as canceled on the transcript                 to indicate that the course has been repeated; and the new grade which should not exceed "C”.

                 e)     Students repeating courses in which they scored "F" and/or "D" grades must register for the course and carry out all academic                          activities  pertaining to the course.

                f)     "F' in any prerequisite course must be repeated before the subsequent course is taken. Such sequential courses are to be determined by                 the concerned department/Faculties.

General Requirements for Graduation:-

a) All the required courses and the minimum credit hours set by the respective faculty or department should be satisfied

b) A Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of 2.00

c) No "F": grade in any course(s) taken.

d) A cumulative Grade point Average (CGPA) of 2.00 Major GPA is 2.00 Minor GPA is 2.00 for undergraduate program.

             Graduation Failures

               a)    An undergraduate student who fails in an examination ("F" grade) may, with the permission of his/her Academic Commission, register                       and repeats the course 

     b) A student, who fails to graduate due to CGPA less than 2.00 but above the required CGPA of 1.75 for diploma, 1.85 for three year and             1.92 for five year degree students may, with the permission of the concerned AC, be allowed to register and repeat the course(s) in which             he/she scored a "D"  grades.  However, such repetition of courses should not be more than once for students who are previously readmitted       and two times for those non readmitted students. 

     C.   A student, who fails to graduate due to less CGPA than the required or due to "F" grade and have no more chance to upgrade their CGPA       or to remove their "F" may be given certificate of attendance with their transcript stated as "graduate failure". 

 Complaints on Grades 

Students have the right to complain on grades and the university has a mechanism to look into it. Grade complaints forms should be filled & submitted within ten days of the following semester. No complaints would be accepted after the grace period.

Services that are given by the Registrar and Faculty levels:-

EAdmission       EExemption      E Re-gradeEAdd & drop      E Withdrawal    EClearance ERegistration     E Advisory        E Re-admission

Therefore, if you have any of the above issue you can contact the registrar office or your respective faculties.