Students Service


The Division of Student Affairs provides services, programs, resources, and facilities which assist students in defining and attaining their personal potential and educational goals. Student Affairs staff seek to engage students and each other in collaborative learning, in developing coherent values and ethical standards, and in building supportive and inclusive communities within the University which are educationally purposeful, open, just, disciplined, caring, and celebrative.

The departments that provide the programs and services within Student Affairs include:

*      Student Cafeteria,

*      Student dormitory,

*      Student Counseling Center,

*       Student Clinic,

*       Student  social Affairs,

*      Student cost sharing,

*      Student Culture and entertainment center,

*      Student Union, and

*      Dean of Students service

The Dean of Students service office is committed to integrating the academic mission of the University with co-curricular experience and focus on the development of community, identity and character.

Values of openness, inclusiveness, social responsibility and mutual respect guide us as we strive to help others achieve their goals and aspirations. Through the application of sound management and leadership principles, we devote ourselves to providing effective and efficient program and service delivery to students, faculty, staff, families and guests.



Strategies and interventions are designed to:

*      Facilitate student academic, personal, civic and professional growth and development

*      Prepare students for leadership in a global, diverse and changing society

*       Cultivate a campus community characterized by meaningful challenges and supports.

Division of student Affairs priorities

Promote Student Retention and Graduation

v  Promote student wellness and holistic personal development

v  Assist students in negotiating the university

v  Promote student civility and safety

v  Empowerment of students to resolve problems

v  Support student success in the classroom

v  Assist students with personal challenges

v  Engage students in university life by providing educational, social, & entertainment opportunities

v   Celebrate student successes, in and outside of the classroom

v  Develop an inclusive community & meet the needs of a diverse student population

Enhance Student Learning and Development

v  Student development - experiential learning

v   Student development - leadership development

v  Student development – citizenship

v  Support student learning, in and outside of the classroom

v  Support the understanding, acceptance, and appreciation of diversity



Collaborate and Create Partnerships across the ISU Community

v  Provide high quality student services and programs

v  Educate and build/create institutional partners related to student needs

v  Advocate for students’ individual and collective needs

Build the Future of Student Affairs

v  Develop staff as subject matter experts’ professionals

v  Provide leadership development to all staff

v  Create opportunities for staff personal development

v   Celebrate success across the Division

v  Provide student employee professional development opportunities

v  Foster work environments that are supportive and inclusive