Thematic Area

                   Mettu University

1. Current Research Status


At present, more than 71 different research projects are being undertaken by the staff of Mettu University. All of them are financed by the University’s small research fund which is granted from the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development. In near future, a bulk of the remaining projects will be financed by collaborative research projects.

2. Thematic Area

The overall direction of research at Mettu University is Thematic Research. Thematic research is research undertaken to address an overarching goal addressing a priority national problem. It is a cooperative research program designed to address issues of brooder context and scope than possible with individually initiated and conducted research projects that extends from knowledge to useable technology creation. Thematic Research is multidisciplinary, extending across more than one department/school/college and incorporating a number of research groups. This extends into the involvement of government institutions, the private sector, civil society organizations and others that will finally use the research outcomes, be it in the form of knowledge generation, extended technology or initiation of further research that will increasingly address societal problems at different level. The first groups of thematic research programs, currently running in the University, are conducted on the following major topics and teams:

Public Health and Bio-Medical Research Area

  • Public health and nutrition
  • environmental health
  • reproductive health
  • medical anthropology and sociology
  • health survey
  • bio-medical engineering
  • promotion and marketing of new drugs, treatment and equipment
  • Malaria prevention
  • TB and other communicable disease
  • Diabetic Mellitus
  • Substance Abuse and Addiction
  • Cancer
  • Child health problems
  • And other non communicable disease

Agriculture and Natural Resource Conservation Research Area

  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Seeds
  • Plant Protection
  • Soil Fertility and Crop Yields
  • Forestry, Soil and water conservation
  • Environmental studies
  • Sustainable and health agriculture practices
  • Crop production and management
  • Livestock production and management
  • Crop protection
  • Weed science
  • Policy Analysis in Environmental conservation
  • The Livestock Development
  • The Veterinary Epidemiology and Economics Research
  • Bee-Keeping
  • Farm Management
  • Fishery

Economics and Business Development Research Area

  • Economic and social development
  • Development and financial policy
  • Rural and urban development and livelihood
  • Rural sociology and anthropology
  • Gender
  • Poverty analysis
  • Rural policies

Humanities and Social Science Research Area

  • Language and history
  • Sociology and anthropology
  • Public and international relations
  • Justice, governance, law and democracy

Natural and Computational Science Research Area

  • Strengthening mathematics and science education in Ethiopia
  • Science education and industry linkage
  • The application of Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics
  • Bio diversity

Engineering & Technology Research Area

  • Urban planning
  • Information technology and ICT
  • Library and computer science
  • Rural technology
  • Industries and energy development and utilization

Education and academic Development Research Area

  • Access to education
  • Quality of education and relevance of curricula
  • Comparative and International Education
  • Educational Planning and Management
  • Education policies, and measurement and evaluation
  • Educational research and Development
  • Technology application in education and training
  • Adult and Non formal Education  
  • Prospects of Science education in National Development
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Irrigated field Crops