A workshop on Tree and Agroforestry Intervention
PERD (16th June, 2023)
Based on the MoU between MaU and ICRAF, a one day workshop on the theme “Engaging Rural Youths and Women in Tree and Agroforestry Based Value Chains and Functionalizing the Watershed and Agroforestry Multi-stakeholder Platform at Local Level” was held at Bedele. More than 40, from Federal MoA up to kebele level, stakeholders participated on the workshop. Its objectives were achievements, challenges, lessons learned on a tree and agroforestry based project so far which engaged some selected rural youths and women at Mattu Zuria and Gechi districts. After two papers presentation, there was a field trip to Gechi nursery site where rural youths and women were organized, trained on grafting avocado tree and equipped with necessary resources. Back from the visit, deep discussion was made on the successes, constraints and the way forward and every stakeholder has taken its assignment. Mrs Adanech Asfaw (Assit. Prof.), Business and Development VP, said the role of MaU in this project was allocating professionals and researchers to the realization of its objectives. She also promised that the university will eagerly work hard with ICRAF since its ultimate goal coincides with the vision of the university: to be known by modern agriculture.
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