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Christmas Wishes from President
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 Posted On: Jan 06, 2024


As University President, my Christmas wish to the community is for an abundance of joy, unity, and growth. I wish for everyone, students, faculty, staff, and local residents, to experience a holiday season filled with love, kindness, and understanding.

I wish for our university community to come together as one united family, respecting and celebrating the diversity and unique contributions of each member. May we embrace inclusivity, creating an environment where everyone feels valued, respected, and supported.

May this Christmas be a time of personal growth and academic achievements for our students. I hope they find inspiration and seize every opportunity that comes their way, ensuring they become intellectually curious individuals ready to make positive impacts in their chosen fields.

I wish for our faculty members to find fulfillment in their teaching and research, achieving academic milestones and making significant contributions to their respective fields. May they continue to inspire and guide our students, shaping them into engaged and enlightened individuals.

To our dedicated staff, my wish is for continued success in providing exceptional services to our community. Your tireless efforts form the backbone of our institution, and I hope you receive the recognition and appreciation you deserve.

As we celebrate the holiday season, I also wish for our community to remember and support those in need. Let us extend our compassion and generosity to marginalized individuals, families facing hardships, and charitable causes. May we find ways to give back to our local community, fostering a spirit of giving throughout the year.

Finally, I wish for a spirit of hope and optimism to guide us into the coming time. May we embrace new beginnings, overcome challenges, and work together towards a brighter future for our university and our community.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to each and every member of our university community. May this festivity bring you all

the warmth and joy you deserve.

Endegena Abebe Gemta (PhD)

Mattu University President.

We are dedicated to serve the community!     


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