Call for Project Proposal

To all Mettu University Academic Staff

The office of the Community Services,Engagementand Consultancy directorate of Mettu University announce the 2013 E.C budget call for thematic community services project proposals competition. Thus, all academic staff of the university invited to submit your proposal to the directorate office of Mettu University.

Submission Guidelines of the Project Proposals

  • Should be original and practically significant to the local community
  • Should be in line with policy and guidelines, and thematic area of Community Services, Engagement and Consultancy directorate.
  • Should be promoting continuous community development.
  • Should be research out puts.


Date (E.C.) Main activities Responsible body
Tesas  12 Call for proposal Community Services, Engagement and Consultancy Directorate Office (CSECDO)
Tesas  13-20  Proposal development Researchers
Tesas  21 Proposal submission to collage   level Collage dean / Collage vice dean
Tesas  22 Proposal submission to faculty level Faculty research coordinator/Dean
Tesas  23 Proposal submission to faculty level  registration, and evaluation CSECD Office
Tesas  24-26 Proposal review at department  level Department research coordinator /Head
Tesas 27-28 Proposal review at faculty level Faculty research coordinator/Dean
Tir 03-04 Proposal public defense CSECD Office and Faculty research coordinator/Dean
Tir 05 Final corrected proposal CSECD Office
Tir  06 Final ethical and technical proposal review  at directorate level CSECD Office and  Faculties
Tir 07 Proposal acceptance and rejection  announcement CSECD Office
Tir 10-13 Complain submission for revision CSECD Office
Tir 14 Revision on complain matters CSECD Office
Tir 17 Submission of proposal to community service directorate office CSECD Office
Tir 24 Budget approval and release Managing council of MeU, CSECD Office


Thematic area

  • Agricultural production, productivity and postharvest handling
  • Livelihood improvement
  • Biodiversity, natural resources and environmental conservation
  • Multidisciplinary
  • Establishment of nursery sites
  • Voluntary services for the local communities including health, cross-cutting issues, legal and paralegal aid for the needy

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