Community radio, in its unique behavior, the need of establishment emerges from the entire public interest. Thus, the community based Radio of Mettu Univesity came through to its establishment by the need arose from the surrounding community in 2015 G.C. Based on this, the Ethiopian Broadcast Authority licensed our University to establish Mettu University community Based Radio to be broadcasted on 95.6 FM Frequency in Mettu and its surrounding; Ilu Abba Bor zone, Buno Bedelle zone and partially in Jimma and West wollega zones.

The main objectives of this radio station are:

  • To promote language, culture and values of the surrounding communities and providing updated information that may help the societies in their day to day activities
  • To bridge Mettu University with the surrounding communities by addressing researches conducted, community services provided, societal needs and problems to be addressed by the university

Mettu University community based Radio station started its regular transmission in January 2018 G.C broadcasting in Afan oromo and Amharic languages. The station as community based radio station, mainly focuses more than 60% of its contents on the surrounding communities’ issues.  The programs focus on health matters, legal issues, public voice, technology and research focused news, online talk shows, and entertainment programs and in general the programs cover from local community issues to global ones. Therefore, in general, Mettu University Community Radio is a source of local to global information for the community, besides giving more focus to its surroundings.