Public and External relations Directorate
May 24/2022
Mettu University inaugurated clean water facility at Gore Senior Secondary School which was constructed by five Indians and two Ethiopian academic staff of Mettu University. Dr. Vetri Selvi, lecturer of Mettu University at the Department of Project Management and member of the group said that, the reason why they selected and constructed the clean water facility is to solve the problem of clean water accessibility and to make the students to focus on their learning. DR. Vetri also added that, they are planning forward to work with the school in teachers’ capacity building and in building students English language competency.
On the other hand, Vice President for Research, Community Service and Collaborative of Mettu University Dr. Bedilu Teka on his behalf addressed his gratitude to the expatriates for what they have done and added Mettu University is planning to make Gore Senior Secondary School to be a model and outreach center and work with stakeholders and volunteers like the Indian staff members who did this examplery community service. He also noted that the community of the school has to manage and use the water facility properly.
Meanwhile, Indian staff members have been engaged in collaboration and internationalization activities to link Mettu University with international institutions and organizations.

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