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Vision, Mission and Value of Mettu University, Health Science College, CPD-Accreditation Office.


  • To be one of the leading CPD provider of Ethiopia by 2030


  • To establish a highly effective system that assures quality delivery of CPD in CPD Provider organizations.
  • Assuring   quality health care delivery in various level of health institutions through maintaining up-to-date competency of health practitioners
  • Creating a balance and checking system between CPD a creditor and providers
  • Ensures trainings are need based and have right approaches in the design, development and   delivery process.
  • Ensures timely planning and effective coordination and implementation and creates proper training monitoring and evaluation system.
  • Maintain the uniformity of the competency outcomes and quality of the trainings that leads to health services delivery quality


  • Team working
  • Accountability
  • Transparency
  • Quality care
  • Professionalism
  • Professional ethics
  • Equity Structure

Structure and staffing of the accreditation office

  • Human resource director
  • Training center coordinator
  • Delegates from different departments

Roles and responsibilities of the accreditation office

Review applications for accreditation of CPD service providers and CPD courses

Monitor compliance with the guidelines

Revise continuing education units (CEUs) allocated where the provider failed to comply with the guideline

Monitor and evaluate CPD providers and submit an annual report to the ministry

Investigate complaints against CPDP providers and take necessary administrative measures

Submit accredited CPD activities to the Ministry for coding and uploading on the website.


The general objectives of CPD are:

  • To maintain and develop competencies of individual health professionals essential for meeting the changing needs of patients and the health service system and responding to the new challenges of emerging/re-emerging health problems and scientific development
  • The accreditation of accreditors, CPD providers, and courses
  • To fill gaps in knowledge, skills, and attitudes, need to be diversified depending on each category of health professionals nature of practice and may include theoretical knowledge skills, and attitude  in the area of professionals’ practice, team building and leadership, communication, professional ethics, teaching, research and administration
  • To conduct research activities in the area of community health based on the existing problems and felt need of the society
  • the Responsibilities of major stakeholder on the implementation of CPD program
  • the documentation, monitoring, and evaluation of CPD process
  • To facilitate and assist in the transfer and adaptation of knowledge, attitude and skills.

Contact address of college dean

Email: desalegn.chilo@meu.edu.et

Contact address of CPD coordinator

Dessalegn Nigatu

Email:  dessalegn.nigatu@meu.edu.et

Academic, Research and community V/Dean

Mohamedamin Hajure

Email: mohammed.amin@meu.edu.et