Mettu University was established among 3rd generation Universities with primary intention to bring quality education, undertake problem solving research and multi-dimensional services to the communities. Community service encompasses the wide range of educational, cultural, economic, environmental, scientific, social and other activities that involve interaction with individuals, groups and organizations.  Mettu University recognizes community service as a key area of activity so as to share a high level of expertise with the community as an intellectual leader within a national and international context and stimulating and contributing to debate on educational, cultural, economic, environmental, legal and social issues.

As a central philosophy of meeting societal expectations and needs from its higher educational trainings consistent, planned and well integrated community based education is becoming top urgent issue in higher teaching-learning institutions in the course of addressing educational social, economic, ecological and environmental problems of communities. The Ethiopian government has given due attention to enhance teaching-learning, research and community engagement in higher education institutions in compliance with existing policies and strategies. Therefore, Mettu University Community Service, Engagement and Consultancy Directorate shall aim to serve the community via training, consultancy service, development service/ projects, free legal services and other professional services.

Community Service, Engagement and Consultancy Directorate Structure


  • There are fascinated and collaborative stalk holders (the external communities)
  • Having young and energetic  top management and academic staff
  • The establishment of the university in the green, peace and secured environment

Staff profile

Statistics Educational status
Male Female Total 10th complete Diploma Degree MSc Ass. professor
5 3 8 1 1 2 2 2