Deliverology Unit

The Deliverology Unit at Mettu University aims to provide comprehensive services to support students in building both soft and hard skills. The Unit is working in developing priorities to scale up employment opportunities for our graduates within one year of their graduation.

The Unit was established in August 2017 under the President to enhance students’ career development and increase employability opportunity. The office since the date of establishment has performed many activities related to quality of teaching learning process that directly influence graduates employability opportunity. Based on the science of Deliverology and the direction formulated by the FDRE MoSHE seven strategic sets are established for improving employment opportunity, these are:

  1. Improving teacher performance and motivation
  2. Improving student learning competencies
  3. Improving teacher pedagogical and language competencies
  4. Improving student language skills
  5. Improving linkage with industry and support to students
  6. Improving student skills through value adding internship experiences
  7. Improve use of data in planning

Staff Members of the Unit: The Unit has 3 staff members    

  • Deliverology Unit head
  • Tracer study and alumni affair coordinator
  • Career service and entrepreneurship skill development coordinator

Accountability of the Unit: Accountable to the president of the University.

Mission:  The Unit will help students to develop academic and career-focused skills so that students will make informed career decisions, gain lifelong career management skills, and achieve their professional goals

Vision: To become a center of excellence in developing and coordinating academic and career-focused skills for our Student

 Objectives of Deliverology Unit

 General objective

The general objective of Deliverology is to improve the employability of new university graduates in degree relevant jobs within one year of graduation

Specific Objectives

The specific objectives of Deliverology office are to:

  • Improve the practical skills of the graduate by enhancing and strengthening internships, by making the curriculum market oriented.
  • Improve graduates soft and technical skills by setting career centers and job hunt units and supporting.
  • Strengthening teacher assessment and introduce comprehensive performance assessment of instructors.
  • Develop communication and soft skill of graduates
  • Inform the university the status of the graduate after the graduation

Current activities

  • Collecting information to assess the learning of students in order to improve their knowledge, skill, and attitude in line with the labor market standards and requirements.
  • building the capacity of teachers so that the teachers have the knowledge and skills needed to help all students reach the high levels of learning
  • Enhancing the communication skills of our graduates which increase their employability.
  • improving students’ soft skills, entrepreneurial skills and career development through intensive trainings, career guidance, counseling, job fairs, career weeks and other related activities in order to ensure the employability of graduates
  • Enhancing the practical skill and work ethics of interns as a result of effective internship program
  • Collecting data on university graduates regarding employment status