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About the Department

We want to prepare graduates who can teach and research various economic topics.

Build strong economic understanding: We teach students microeconomic and macroeconomic theories and other relevant issues, so they can apply them effectively and improve Ethiopia's economics education. We provide the methods they need to analyze economic situations, design policies, and explain economic phenomena. We highlight how economic theories apply in different sectors and introduce students to various sub-disciplines like labor, agriculture, and environmental economics.  We help students learn planning, project management, monitoring, and evaluation skills. We encourage students to do research relevant to national development and social-economic issues, and share their findings with the community.

Foster collaboration: We promote teamwork between different programs in teaching, research, and outreach. We provide short-term courses and consulting services to organizations and communities.

Stay ahead of the curve: We teach students about the history, present, and future of economics, keeping them updated with the evolving field.

2012 Established Year
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Mr. Tadele Fikadu Tesissaa

HoD's Message

The Economics Department plays a vital role in the College of Business and Economics. Established in 2013, its mission is to address the shortage of skilled workers in Ethiopia's economics field.

Our program teaches both economic theory and practical skills. Students learn analytical tools and how to apply them to real-world economic problems using math and statistics.

The Ethiopian government wants more qualified economists. We aim to train graduates who can contribute to research, teaching, consulting, and other crucial roles in the economy. This will help Ethiopia achieve its development goals.

We are improving our program. We've noticed that some graduates lacked the specific skills needed for certain jobs. To address this, we've added new elective courses in four key areas while slightly adjusting the credits of other courses. This will prepare our students for successful careers in the job market.


By 2030, we aim to be one of Africa's top economics departments, known for high-quality education, research, and consulting services.


We strive to strengthen Ethiopia's intellectual and economic power through our academic programs, research, and community engagement.

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