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Department of Tourism and Hotel Management

About the Department

The Tourism and Hotel industries are the two sides of the same coin and they are perhaps among the oldest commercial endeavours in the world. Hospitality industry contributes immensely to a nations‟ economic development in many ways, in addition to the immediately apparent prospects of creating jobs and boosting overall income.

The industry fosters government revenues from sales taxes and duties and often boosts property-tax receipts. It also brings foreign exchange and stimulates development of the country. Tourist establishments, particularly hotels, purchase supplies from the domestic markets and hence catalyse the development of other sectors of the national economy such as agriculture, fishery, textile industries, etc. The development of the hotel sector also attracts foreign direct investment (FDI) and facilitates the transfer of technology, as in the case of computer-based reservation systems (CRS).  In today’s Ethiopia, there is a large demand call for and a great diversification in higher education, as well as an increased awareness of its importance for socio-cultural, environmental and economic development, for which the upcoming generations will need to be well equipped with new knowledge, attitude and skills. 

Considering the country’s demand of getting well equipped with knowledge, attitude and skills Professionals in diversified fields, university of Gondar and Hawassa university have started the first ever BA degree program in Tourism Management and Hotel management respectively in 2003/2004. By understanding tourism’s contribution, other Ethiopian universities commenced this program and launching a new program in Tourism and Hotel Management, given the role Tourism and Hotel plays for economic and socio-cultural development of the country.

2012 Established Year
3 Faculty & Staff
37 Students
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Mr. Melkamu Mandefro Yohannes

HoD's Message

As other senior universities our university is also doing the best to produce well qualified manpower in both theoretical and practical aspects to maximize the contribution of tourism for the GDP & GNP, conservation of cultural, natural and historical tourism resources, improvement of the living standards of the society by creating job opportunities which resolve unemployment problems of the country as well as ensuring sustainable tourism development in the country. 


To be known or recognized department in Mattu University and social science fields of study, research, and community services in Ethiopia by 2030.


 Producing competent and decent graduates, conducting problem-solving research, and providing research-based community services. 

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