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Nestled within the College of Education and Behavioral Science, the Psychology department at Mattu University boasts a team of nine experienced instructors dedicated to nurturing future generations of skilled psychologists. We offer both undergraduate and postgraduate programs, equipping students with a comprehensive understanding of human behavior and its complexities.

Our graduates enjoy extensive career prospects. They can pursue specialization in diverse fields like clinical psychology, health psychology, educational psychology, counselling psychology, social psychology, and developmental psychology, both within Ethiopia and abroad. Government agencies, NGOs like UNHCR, Safe the Children, and World Vision, private mental health hospitals, courts, and even private practice offer various fulfilling career paths for our alumni.

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HoD's Message

Psychology as a discipline delves into the fascinating world of human behavior, aiming to understand, explain, and even influence it. Our department, established in 2012, proudly carries this torch by providing high-quality education and training in both postgraduate and undergraduate programs. Since our first graduating class in 2015, we've nurtured hundreds of skilled psychologists, all contributing to our university's mission of serving the community.

Beyond academics, we deeply value research and its potential to address real-world challenges. By delving into topics like war, economic hardship, pandemics, and political strife, our faculty seeks practical solutions to the psychological and developmental problems impacting our society. We believe collaboration is key, and actively seek partnerships with other departments and organizations to amplify our impact.

Our aim is to empower a new generation of dedicated psychologists. We welcome students with a passion for understanding behavior and a desire to help individuals navigate life's difficulties. We equip them with the necessary knowledge, skills, and empathy to become efficient practitioners, capable of bringing relief and support to our communities.

We invite you to join us in this meaningful journey. Whether you're a potential student seeking to become a psychologist, a fellow academic seeking collaboration, or simply someone interested in the power of understanding human behavior, we welcome you with open arms.


By 2030, we envision the Psychology department as a national model for excellence, renowned for its commitment to training ethical and effective psychologists who contribute meaningfully to society.


We are driven by the following core values:

  • Producing competent psychologists: We equip our graduates with the knowledge, skills, and values needed to excel in diverse sectors, contributing to both individual and community well-being.
  • Conducting impactful research: Integrating theoretical knowledge with local insights, we delve into critical psychological, educational, and social issues, developing practical solutions for our communities.
  • Engaging in community service: We actively reach out, offering individual, institutional, and group support related to psychology and providing professional assistance to external stakeholders.

The Psychology department at Mattu University stands steadfast in its commitment to shaping a brighter future through understanding and influencing human behavior.

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