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Department of Educational Technology and Information Management

About the Department

The department was established at Mattu University in 2010 E.C, 2018G.C.) As a new field of study in Ethiopia. It has been structured under the College of Education and Behavioural Science. The Educational Technology and Information Management Department is an essential part of any modern educational University. Its primary purpose is to provide support and resources to faculty, staff, and students in order to enhance teaching and learning experiences. At our University, the department plays a crucial role in ensuring that technology is used effectively and efficiently in the classroom.

We would like to give you an overview on our department's current accomplishments for your information. With nine staff members and one lab facility, the department is very dedicated and active. The department provides various services to support teaching and learning, including classroom technology support, instructional design assistance, and information management solutions, as well as training for various classroom tools. It is currently getting ready to collaborate with " Erasmus+: Capacity Building in Higher Education’’ European Organization with the university's approval. 

2018 Established Year
9 Faculty & Staff
146 Students
2 Publications
1 Funded Projects
94 Graduated Students

Mr. Fanta Teferi Megersa

HoD's Message

Welcome to the Department of Educational Technology and Information Management (ETIM)

The Department of Educational Technology and Information Management uses creative solutions to improve student engagement and foster cooperation because it acknowledges the important role that technology plays in education. The department is planning to advance educational technology and information management, implementing initiatives like learning management systems, online courses, and virtual reality integration.

Our department, the Educational Technology and Information Management Department, is committed to producing professionals who possess an understanding of digital technology and education-related fields, such as pedagogy, educational psychology, and educational leadership. Our ultimate goal is to prepare human resources capable of effectively enhancing the quality of education by incorporating contemporary technologies into the educational system at all levels.

Since 21st-century generations are raised in the digital age, we firmly believe that new technologies play a critical role in meeting their requirements. Through its ability to meet the requirements of emerging generations, technology can function as an engine to propel our educational system forward. AR ledge noted, “Technology can become the ‘wings’ that will allow the educational world to fly farther and faster than ever before—if we will allow it.”

In accordance with government policy, our department is always working to offer professional support to the educational system at all levels, including elementary, secondary, and postsecondary education. 


To be one of the top departments in quality education at the university by 2027 G.C


The mission of the Department of Educational Technology and Information Management is to turn out professionals who can effectively manage information, incorporate technology into the classroom, and improve learning while encouraging creativity and teamwork. 

Lastly, we would like to assure you that the department is open to collaboration with institutions for high-quality technology-based instruction, encouraging stakeholder feedback, and sharing experiences with educational technology.

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