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This program is designed to respond to immediate needs of the country to increase crop production and productivity, and thereby contribute to improve the livelihood of its people. The program aims at producing competent professionals who are well equipped with both theoretical and practical knowledge and skills in managing all aspects of plant production and management in the Ethiopian context and, thereby to conduct various plant science related research and development activities, which can contribute to the country’s development program.

The curriculum is designed in convention way where courses are set to be completed semester wise. There are a number of reasons to change the modularized curriculum into the conventional which is semester course wise. Firstly, the courses in modularized curriculum are organized to be offered in few weeks (eight weeks) which do not give enough time for the students to understand and absorb the courses in this short time. Furthermore, the time allotted for each course in modularized curriculum is not sufficient for the preparation and undertaking of practical and laboratory classes. Thus, the current curriculum is designed in conventional way where courses are designed to be completed in semester wise.

2021 Established Year
4 Faculty & Staff
37 Students
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Ketema Niguse Baye

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Department of Plant Science aims to be one of the leading departments of agricultural institutions and full-fledged center of excellence in the area of mid-altitude crops production in southwest Ethiopia by 2030.


The program will contribute to the development of agricultural sector and thereby ensure food security and self-sufficiency through: 

Ø  Teaching and research activities in the area of crop production and management,

Ø  Generating knowledge and producing skilled manpower in the field of crop production, 

Ø  Offering tailor-made trainings and consultancy services for those involved in crop production, either small scale producers or commercial as well,

Ø  Modernizing crop production sector by supplying it improved technologies i.e. improved seed or planting material, propagation techniques, optimum fertilization, irrigation, and crop pest management etc., and 

Ø  Improving the quality of living of the society by supplying surplus production by maximizing productivity.

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