College of Social Sciences and Humanities

 College of Social Sciences and Humanities is one of the academic colleges found in Mettu University. It became operational since 2005 E.C. opening four departments namely: Department of Sociology, Department of English Language and Literature, Department of Afan Oromo and Literature and Department of Geography and Environmental studies.

The college started teaching by registering 216 students – 98 females and 118 males who were assigned by MoE under these four departments. Moreover, the college began its teaching-learning process in 2005 E.C. with 31 male and 1 female instructors. Among these instructors, 26 of them were MA and 6 of them were BA holders.

In 2007 E.C. the college has opened two academic programs namely Civics and Ethical Studies and Oromo Folklore and Literature. Thus, the college totally has six departments. These are:

  • Afan Oromo and Literature
  • Civics and Ethical Studies
  • English Language and Literature
  • Geography and Environmental Studies
  • Oromo Folklore and Literature, and
  • Sociology


College of Social Sciences and Humanities aspires to become one of the high rated academic faculties in teaching learning, research and community service.



Our college’s mission is to provide quality education to its students in the departments so as to produce competent citizens that contribute their level best to the development of the country.

Focus Areas

Academic focus Areas

  • The college focuses on academic programs in the fields of social sciences like Geography, Environmental Studies, Sociology, Civics, and Ethics. Besides, the college organizes academic programs in the fields of humanities like English Language and literature, Afan Oromo & Literature, and Afan Oromo Folklore.


Research Focus Areas

The college of Social Sciences and Humanities identified research thematic areas like language, culture, social problems, gender, youth, environment, historical preservation, endogenous knowledge, etc.

Facility and Services

The college has limited facilities as an academic college found in an eight years old university. However, we have a very energetic and youth staff working in all the programs in our faculty.

We do have community engagement programs in community service section so that we provide training for the community in many essential social issues like quality of education, preservation of local culture and heritages, environment preservation and the like. We established a GLS-Lab (Geographic, information system) laboratory.

Future Plan

The college has learnt a lot from the previous eight academic years. Therefore,

  • We will try to improve our services provision to our customs.
  • We will get very relevant academic programs that are important to the life or career of the trainees (students) and are appropriate to the country’s development too.
  • We will strengthen our effort to conduct researches that are relevant to the community and solve the societal problems of the people and contribute to the country’s policy development as well.
  • In the area of community service, we provide varieties of community services to the community and we are still trying to reach the wider community.