Women, Youth and Special Need Directorate

The Mettu University Women, Youth and Special Need Directorate was established with the name, Mettu University Gender Office in 2004 EC.as soon as the university started its teaching learning activities. Since 2008EC the office renamed as Women, Youth and Special Need Directorate.

The office was empowered mainly to incorporate the issues of women, Youth and students with

Special Need to ensure equality as well as equity in the university.

Staff members of the Directorate: – The office has 5 staff members:-

  • Director   
  • Expert for Women and Youth issues
  • Expert for Special need issues
  • Typist
  • Messenger  

 Accountability of the Directorate: – Accountable to the president of the university 


 Mettu University Women, Youth and Special Need Directorate strive to create suitable conditions that enable females and students with Special Need to compete equally and fairly.    


Mettu University gender office stands to see equal and fair participation, benefits and competency of female and students with Special Need in all aspects of University compound.


To produce the competent graduates of female and students with Special Need and to improve the participation of the women in decision making positions by reducing gender gaps.

Current activities

  • Organizing Welcome program for 1st year female students
  • Supporting female students on department selection 
  • Organize tutorial class for all females and needy male students  
  •  Fund raising  for economically  needy  female and male student and for students with special need
  •  Follow up the implementation of  the activities of  tutorial class and economic support
  •  Organizing training on topical issues like gender concept, university students’ life skill training topics and HIV/AIDS, etc.
  •  Reward for top achiever female students
  •  Encourage female student association
  • Facilitate the implementation of Anti-Harassment police
  • Providing female students library services
  • Facilitating conducive environment for students with special need
  • Provide the photocopy services for needy female students
  • Facilitate the o-plan discussion
  • Counseling service for female students
  • Provide leadership skill and research writing method training for female administrative and academic staff
  • Facilitating the recruitment of competent female graduates in the university in order to increase the numbers of female instructors

 Activities will incorporated

  • Establishes on site child daycare services for female staff   
  • Provide university Life experience for the preparatory school female students
  •  Scholarship for further education for both academic and administrative females staff
  • Facilitating the short term training for academically dismissed female students