Mettu University HIV/AIDS prevention and control office was established in 2004 E.C. The office was established by aiming HIV/AIDS free generation having a motto of “HIV free graduation!” The office primarily works on prevention of Mettu university community from HIV/AIDS and other STI’s.


  • To have healthy, prudent and productive citizen working and learning in the university


  • Provide comprehensive HIV/AIDS related service in accordance with the government directive
  • Duties and responsibilities HIV/AIDS Prevention and Control Office of Mettu University
  1. Handles the overall HIV/AIDS issues of the university with shared vision with the University management team;
  2. Prepares projects and search funding sources to accomplish its duties
  3. Awareness creation on the HIV/AIDS prevention and control issues to the university community;
  4. Facilitates mainstreaming of HIV/AIDS, SRH and gender issues into the curricula, research, training and community service
  5. Establishes as required linkage with national and International (governmental or nongovernmental) stakeholders working on HIV/AIDS prevention and control activities;
  6. Establishes AIDS Resource Centre and establishes link with national and regional resource centers;
  7. Strengthen the ongoing HIV and AIDS education activities (Peer education, mentorship, life skill training, and University community conversation);
  8. Identifies and improves/changes/or demolishes physical or environmental factors that predispose University Community to HIV/AIDS and SRH related risky behavior;
  9. Establishes and/or strengthen networking, partnership and think thank group;
  10. Support social marketing initiatives to promote correct and consistent condom use;
  11. Working with ART centers in Ilubabor and Buno Bedele zones.
  12. Member of anti-drug/alcohol addiction task force and works on preventing it.
  13. Organize voluntary HCT

Head of HIV/AIDS prevention and control office          

Mrs.Tigist Teklu(MSc.)


Main campus,Mettu