As part of the its move to bring ground shaking change in the unresponsive, ill-organized status quo that prevailed in the service delivery system of offices, the government of Ethiopia has emphasized the organization of Reform office in all institutions. In line with this the Institutional Reform and Good Governance directorate is organized under the office of the university president. The directorate is responsible to direct any reform activities being undertaken in the entire university.  


The directorate is organized to achieve the following objectives

  • To ensure the implementation of reform tools such as the Business Process Reengineering (BPR) and Balanced Score Card (BSC) , kaizen, as per the previously endorsed structure and directive in all the work units of the university
  • To assess the problems encountered during the implementation of the reform tools and identify the causes of the problems and recommend the solutions to the problems
  • To assess the effect of the reform tools on customer satisfaction and identify any gap that needs modification
  • To help the different work units and colleges in implementation of the reform tools
  • To ensure the application of kaizen philosophy in the offices, laboratories, workshops and  stores
  • To ensure the preparation and proper implementation of work standards and citizen’s charter in all units
  • To utilize different outlets to disseminate the outcomes of reform tools to stakeholders and concerned users
  • To collect feedbacks from stakeholders and customers and organize the findings for further planning
  • To assess the best practices in the university for further scaling up
  • To search for best practices in other universities and institution for further scaling up
  • To ensure the proper functioning of work units in their endeavor to contribute their role in ensuring the university’s mission
  • Study the strengths and weaknesses of the structure of the university and propose structural reform as per the findings


The directorate is accountable to the president’s office of the university. Including the director, there are 6 professionals working in the directorate. All the 7 colleges have a coordination office staffed with two professionals. The school of law has one professional. The coordination offices report to the directorate.