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Mattu University (MaU) is third generation public universities in Ethiopia, which was established in 2011 GC in the ever-green vicinity endowed with untapped natural resources based on the Regulation of House of Ministers No. 238/2011 to meet the demand of the country’s fast-growing needs for high level of professionals. If one browses a Google Map, he/she can spot that MaU is located in southwestern part of Ethiopia, Oromia Regional State. It is situated in Mettu town which is 600kms away from the capital, Addis Ababa. MaU which is a boarding university in its very nature and its main campus lands over 350 hectare of land by fulfilling optimal facilities and infrastructure required to enhance its multifaceted undertakings. Since the establishment, the university made remarkable and multifarious progress in training, research and community service provision and increasing the number of qualified manpower by training at undergraduate and post graduate level.

To give vivid historical account of its initial admission capacity, MaU has started its career by enrolling 300 undergraduate regular students in 2011. In a very radical manner, by now, its admission capacity has reached over 22,000. When comes to its program profile, the University is currently running 56 undergraduate and 42 graduate programs through diversified modalities in two campuses. These academic programs are run under eight colleges and three schools namely: College of Engineering and Technology, College of Natural and Computational Sciences, College of Public Health and Medical Sciences, Social Science and Humanities, College of Business and Economics, College of Education and Behavioral Sciences, College of Agriculture, College of Natural Resource Management and School of Law, School of Commerce and School of Agriculture. Parallel with teaching-leaning, the university has been conducting researches targeting to solve societal problems based on already identified thematic areas.

With a strong Strategic Themes and Objectives, MaU continually strives to achieve excellence in Research and Technology Transfer, Community Service and Engagement, International Collaboration and Partnership, Transformation of Institutional Leadership and Good Governance.

MaU actively approaching different stake holders Nationally and Internationally to have tie up with major food processing areas such as Production and Processing of Honey, Coffee, Tea and Spices for overall economic growth of local communities and increased employment opportunities. Fish and Poultry farming is under discussion and Special attention are being given for setting up Food and Agro Based organizations.


  • Relevance and quality
  • Effective and efficient service delivery
  • Recognition of academic freedom and accountability
  • Academic competency
  • Research based innovation
  • Recognized indigenous knowledge
  • Acknowledge diversity

Strategic Themes and Objectives

Mattu University has identified the following core strategic themes as areas of priorities for the upcoming 10 years (2021-2030):

  1. Recognized indigenous knowledge
  2. Excellence in Community Service and Engagement
  3. International collaboration and Strategic Partnership
  4. Transformation of Institutional Leadership and Good Governance

On the top of these, MaU has been providing community services and consultancies to its surrounding communities since it is among the mandates bestowed to higher education in Ethiopia.

Excellence and Priority Areas of the University

  • Honey production and processing
  • Coffee production and processing
  • Tea leaf production and processing
  • Spices production and processing
  • Rubber tree plantation
  • Biodiversity conservation and ecotourism management
  • Medicinal plant identification and calibrating them for use
  • Bio fertilizer production and processing like other public universities in the country.

Mattu University is mandated to assume collaborations and partnership with sister educational institutions from abroad in order to achieve internationalization of education and researches in the context of the recent global trend, whose outcome would be commencing staff and student exchange, generating income and securing funds to undertake joint research projects, initiating academic outreach activities are among others. Working out towards seeking such international collaborations, we warmly invite universities and any esteemed international organizations in your country to work with MaU on the basis of strategic partnership and collaboration.

Therefore, Mettu University’s strategic partnership and collaboration needs are:

  1. Students and academician exchange
  2. Collaborative programs on academic programs listed in the tables below.
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