Mattu University

Yuunivarsiitii Mattuu

መቱ ዩኒቨርሲቲ

Mattu University

Directorate of Research Affairs


The Directorate of Research Affairs will share the university's vision of becoming a well-known university in Ethiopia in the fields of education, research and community service in the fields of modern agriculture and natural sciences by 2022/2030, and will take part in the research sector.


The Directorate of Research Affairs at Mattu University coordinates activities of Research and Development and Science Technology. Its mission is to provide a conducive environment for research and promote the conduct of research that is in line with the University’s vision and mission and country’s National Research Agenda.

The goal of the Directorate is to provide the Mattu University’s researchers with leadership and support, access to state of the art instrumentation and scientific expertise for the communal advantage of our institution’s investigators so that they can effectively carry out the research mission of the University conducting problem-solving and nationally useful researches and expanding technology.

Main Functions

  1. Promoting and coordinating sustainable research, publication and innovation culture within the university
  2. Identify thematic research areas, and update this overtime in consultation with VPRCS
  3. Coordinate and facilitate innovative research activities (call for proposals, receive concept notes, regroup based on merit, guide proposal development, and execute the review process, allocate research fund)
  4. Facilitating research collaboration within and outside the university
  5. Supporting staff in developing fundable research proposals by organizing seminars and workshops
  6. Coordinating multidisciplinary research teams to develop large scale projects
  7. Developing guidelines on the sourcing and effective administration of research funds
  8. Coordinate budgeting of research, check regular progress of research undertaking, and promote performance evaluation process in different colleges/institutes,
  9. Ensuring that university research policy and agenda are implemented effectively and efficiently
  10. Overseeing of relevant research ethics policy and operational procedures
  11. Documentation of research database including archiving of data in retrievable (electronic data bases)
  12. Manage the research plan effectively and efficiently, ensuring that accepted standards of research and ethical behaviour are met,
  13. Organize plans, and prepare reports on research activities in all colleges/institutes/research institutes/centres, of the University to VPRCS

Major Research Thematic Areas of Mattu University

  • Agriculture, Environment and Natural Resource
  • Natural Science area
  • Education Related Issues
  • Rural and Urban Development
  • Social Science related areas
  • Business and Economics issues
  • Legal issues
  • Engineering and Technology issues

Major Research Thematic Areas in Details

  1. Agriculture, Environment and Natural Resources
    • Sustainable natural Resources Utilization (mineral, soil, water, plants, animals, microbes)
    • Fishery & Aquaculture
    • Exotic plant species and their effects on Agricultural productivity
    • Biodiversity conservation and ecotourism management
    • Livestock genetic improvement, animal feed production, and Management
    • New and productive varieties of vegetables, coffee, and spices
    • Agricultural Technology adoption, production, and Efficiency
    • Climate change; vulnerability, impacts, and adaptation strategies
  2. Natural Sciences
    • Microbial food quality and safety
    • Space physics and nuclear radiation
    • Biostatics and econometrics
    • Bio-fertilizer
    • Optimization in sciences and technology
    • Nano synthesis
    • Sport Science in health and community (cultural and modern sports, sport and human Health)
  3. Education Related Issues
    • Pedagogy, assessment, and Instructional leadership
    • School improvement program and capacity building
    • Early childhood education and care
    • Adult and Nonformal education (ANFE)
    • Cross-cutting issues: special needs, HIV, Gender, life skills, etc.
  4. Public Health and Medical issues
    • Environmental health and Sanitation
    • Non-communicable chronic diseases and Communicable diseases
    • Sexual and reproductive health
    • Drug resistance and its challenges
    • Neglected tropical diseases
    • Maternal and child health
    • Traditional medicine and drug development
    • Rational drug use and drug quality
    • Nutrition and food security
    • Mental health and drug abuse
  5. Rural and Urban Development
    • Urban and regional planning
    • Rural road construction
    • Urban sociology and rural sociology
    • Transportation and trafficking system
  6. Social sciences-related areas
    • Culture, language, custom, history and literature
    • Socio-Anthropological studies
    • Governance, Development and Gender Issues
    • Democracy, Federalism and Human Rights
    • Civics and ethical issues
    • Peace and conflict studies
  7. Business and economics issues
    • Micro, Small, and medium enterprises' issues
    • Public finance, Taxation, expenditure management, and development projects
    • Leadership, good governance, and material management
    • Entrepreneurship and innovation
    • Financial intermediaries
    • Agricultural, rural development, infrastructure, and economic growth
    • Project and investment management
  8. Legal issues
    • Commercial and investment law issues
    • Public and private law issues
    • Human rights and emerging legal issues
    • Gender and Children's rights
    • Procedural laws issues
  9. Engineering and technology issues
    • Simulation of structural strength in Reinforced concrete buildings
    • Highway and transportation improvement
    • Hydrology and hydraulics in water supply
    • Chemical synthesis and process simulation
    • Easy and affordable machine manufacturing for agriculture, health, and the environment
    • Microwave communication, waveguides, network design, and development
    • Construction industry improvement and project management
    • Computer Networking Systems
    • Database management system; software and website developments
    • Smart energy systems, Micro-grids, standalone renewable energy systems

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