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Mattu University students’ union is a representative body composed of students elected by their peers to voice concerns, advocate for student interests, and collaborate with faculty and administration, aiming to ensure that student voices are heard in matters that affect their educational experiences.

 It is a student-run association or group that dedicates it’s time to give the whole student community of the university, fairness, opportunities and a voice.  At our university students’ union dedicated to serve students and made quite efforts to create inclusive and welcoming environment for students regardless of their back ground or beliefs. When you start at university, you’ll often be automatically enrolled as a member of your university’s students’ union. Students are voted into their executive committee role by the students at a university. The senior representatives will lead the activities and organization of a particular aspect of the union during their time in the role. This will help to foster a sense of unity and community within our university, which is essential for creating positive and supportive environment to everyone. 

 Mattu university students’ union is one of the many dedicated students’ organizations that is here for students.  Students’ union in the Mattu university have become increasingly important as they provide a platform for students to express their thoughts, participate in decision making and influence the academic setting. It plays primary role in promoting equality between groups and building up good friendship to ensure principle of Unity in diversity. Mattu University students’ union is keen to motivate students to work hard smarter and create comfortable educational environment.                                                       


A diverse and inclusive university where every student feels empowered, heard, and has equal opportunities to thrive, regardless of their background or identity.


1.     Building a Legacy of Inclusion: We actively promote a culture where everyone feels welcome and belongs. We advocate for policies, structures, and practices that encourage participation and empower students' voices, leaving a lasting legacy for future generations.

2.     Fostering Open Dialogue: We create spaces for meaningful conversations, where students can exchange ideas, challenge assumptions, and learn from each other. By promoting respectful dialogue and open-mindedness, we prepare students for a diverse and interconnected world.

3.     Empowering Student Leaders: We go beyond classroom learning, giving students opportunities to participate in decision-making, contribute to policy development, and have their voices heard on matters that affect them. This active engagement fosters a sense of ownership and responsibility for their education.

4.     Strengthening Advocacy and Policy: We amplify the Students' Union's voice within the university and influence policies that create a more inclusive and supportive environment for all.

5.     Building a Strong Foundation: We develop a strategic plan with clear goals, objectives, and action steps to ensure the long-term success and sustainability of the Students' Union.


Mr. Kumsa Tamiru

Students’ Union President


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