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Mettu University Bedelle College of Agriculture & Forestry sciences was hosted 2nd National Research Conference on May 22-23/2021
The College of Agriculture & Forestry Sciences has commenced the 2nd National Research Conference with the Grand Theme ‘ The Role of Agricultural Research in Enhancing Livelihood of the Society’.
The Conference has begun with the welcoming speech of Dr. Oda Gizaw, Bedelle College of Agriculture and Forestry Sciences Dean, On the welcoming speech, the Dean welcomed all the participants of the conference, detailing about the development of the college since its establishment. He pointed out that as the area where the University is laid is resourceful for agriculture and agricultural researches. Dr. Oda added that as their college is trying to take part in the nationwide development and growth goal by conducting problem solving researches. At the end of his welcoming Speech Dr. Oda invited his Excellency Dr. Endegena Abebe, President of Mettu University to Make an Opening speech.
Dr. Endegena Abebe, the president of Mettu University was warmly welcomed all the participants of the conference in his opening remarks. He underlined that the previous national and International research conferences held at the University had given some focus as roles of innovative research undertaking all elevating societal problems as well as the research conference seemed to give pause, and to hold the livelihood of the vast majority caught up with the agricultural researchers versus scholars.
The President contented in his speech, the college is surrounded with untapped resources of the biospheres. Every citizen should control what the nature granted free, unless these untapped resources will be protected properly every individual will be forced to sacrifice a lot after devastations to the place. Therefore, agricultural research is responsible to seriously work on sustaining those existing ecosystems.
Moreover, Dr. Abera Deressa, the former state minister for ministry of agriculture of Ethiopia, pointed out the contributions of agricultural research for the country, the problems Ethiopian agriculture sector is facing and measures to be taken in his virtual keynote speech on the opening speech.
On the closing of the conference Dr. Bedilu Teka, Research, Community Service and Collaboration Vice President stated that efforts done so far in academic institutions are short tackling the multi face problems attacking the agriculture sector, the natural environment and sustainable development in the country. On the two days research conference twenty five researchers were presented their research works from different Universities on the Grand Theme in The Role of Agricultural Research in Enhancing Livelihood of the Society





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