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Mattu University

Matu University Community Radio:

Established in 2017: Mattu University launched a community radio station called "95.6 FM" as part of its community service. This was the first operational community radio station in the area. It broadcasts a variety of programs and has a large audience in Mattu town, nearby districts, and even parts of western and Kelem Wolega. The station is located on the main campus of Mattu University and is run by a board chosen by the people of Mattu town. It broadcasts in both Afan Oromo and Amharic languages. Mattu University has covered most of the station's expenses since its launch. The radio has encouraged young people to participate in its programs and provided a platform for the community to share their thoughts and feelings. Mattu University, as a major stakeholder, uses the station to share its values, inform the community, and spread research findings from the university. The Ethiopian Media Authority's new community radio regulations encourage universities to have their own stations. Under these regulations, universities can choose from seven types of community radio stations. Mattu University, based on its values, has chosen a "Community-Oriented Radio Station" model, which will be governed by a council of university members and local communities.

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Andualem Boja

Radio Station Manager

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