Mettu University Public and External Relations Directorate is responsible for collecting and disseminating information about the University and strengthens and facilitates the university’s relations with institutions in within the country and beyond.  


  • Helping the University in promoting its mission and restructuring of its services to effectively deliver them.
  • Promoting the University and its mission, vision, as well as its core values through publications. ( values)
  • Providing information related services and functions pertinent to its stakeholders, University members and the wider population.
  • Facilitate the university’s relations with institutions.



MeU Public and External Relations Directorate has two Teams. Accordingly the teams are responsible for the following functions;

Communications Affairs Team

  • Publication of Monthly and Quarterly Newsletters,
  • Preparation and distribution of yearly Calendars, Diaries,
  • Preparation and distribution of Brochures, Fliers, Booklets, Catalogs,
  • Preparation and distribution of Invitations/Cards, Posters
  • News releases on new achievements and events in the University.
  • Facilitating different ceremonies, seminars, workshop etc.
  • Promoting the services of the University
  • Facilitates events and provide media coverage communicating with media outlets)
  • Organizing social events for the University community.
  • Assessing students` and other clients ‘Complaints and satisfactions with University services.

External Relations and Partnerships Team

  • Receiving guests coming to the University
  • Media monitoring  related to the institution
  • Monitoring social media of the university
  • Creating awareness to the university’s communities on national issues
  • Creating national consensus among the university’s communities
  • Consults the university higher  officials  over University affairs
  • Update and maintain content posted on the Web
  • Respond to requests for information from the media or designate an appropriate spokesperson or information source
  • Informs  the staff and/or students  about important University issues
  • working towards expanding linkages with other foreign institutions; 
  • following up and support scholarship and internship students from other countries;
  • assisting and facilitating scholarship requests and recruitment of international staff members in collaboration with liaison office
  • providing information for international students on scholarships and exchange Programs;
  • facilitating and managing, in the University’s inter- institutional agreements;
  • assisting negotiations & inter- institutional agreements
  • creating links with embassies and organizations;
  • preparing academic, social and cultural events (during day or night times) for foreign students and staff; (Introducing Ethiopia’s policies and directions in different areas)