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Mattu University, since its establishment in the country as a higher learning institution in 2004 E.C., has had a Department of Geology, one of the Department’s in Mattu University under the Natural and Computational Sciences College, which was established in 2015 E.C. The Department started working by taking 39 students from with two MSc holders and four Graduate Assistant II in Geology, offering an Undergraduate Bachelor of Geology with regular programs. The success of education in Geology depends on the combination of theory and practical courses. Due to this the department needs well arranged and organized laboratory class and materials. 

2015 Established Year
8 Faculty & Staff
37 Students
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Mr. Jote Dereje Daba

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Department of Geology is one of the departments in the collage of Natural and Computational Science launched in 2015 E.C. The department will play a significant role in enhancing our countries natural resource development in areas of: Exploration of economic mineral deposits: metals (gold, platinum, nickel, copper, chromium, iron ore, rare metals, etc.); non-metals (gypsum, barite, diatomite, gemstones, etc.); fuels (coal, oil, natural gas, geothermal energy, etc.); structural and industrial materials (building stones, clay products, cement, lime, sand and gravel, etc.), water resources development, identification and mitigation or forecast capabilities of geohazards such as earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, landslides, subsidence, etc and, initiations and undertaking of major research projects in the broad fields of Earth Sciences.


• Teaching and training of geoscientists,

• Conducting research in geosciences to improve and generate new knowledge, and

• Rendering professional service to the community in matters pertaining to the fields of Earth Sciences.


To produce in quantity and quality a skilled workforce that can contribute to the economic and social growth of the country, leading the problem-solving technology transition that underpins the country's development policies to conduct research and research for the foundation and to provide accessible community services adapted to the needs and growth of our country and region.

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