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Yuunivarsiitii Mattuu

መቱ ዩኒቨርሲቲ

Mattu University

Student Peace Forum

Our Mission:

   We foster a peaceful campus environment where students and the university community thrive. We achieve this by:

  Teaching peace values: We educate students and the community about building peace through dialogue, non-violence, and conflict resolution.

  Creating a supportive culture: We promote good relationships between students, faculty, and staff to prevent conflict and build understanding.

   Engaging in peacebuilding activities: We organize events, workshops, and awareness campaigns to celebrate peace and address local and global         issues.

Our Vision:

  We envision a university where:

  Peace reigns everywhere, and students feel safe and secure.

  Students graduate with a passion for peace and become guardians of peace in their communities.

  A collaborative environment allows everyone to learn and grow peacefully.

Our Values:

  Tolerance and respect: We embrace diversity and treat everyone with dignity and fairness.

  Justice and fairness: We strive for a society free from discrimination and injustice.

  Partnership: We work together with other clubs, institutions, and the community to build peace.

  Transparency and accountability: We operate openly and answer to those we serve.

  Participation: We encourage everyone to actively contribute to promoting peace.

  Diversity: We appreciate and celebrate the richness of different cultures and viewpoints.

Our Activities:

  • Collaborate with other clubs and organizations to promote peace.
  • Organize peace awareness campaigns and celebrations.
  • Host panel discussions on contemporary peace issues.
  • Participate in environmental projects and community development activities.
  • Train student peace ambassadors to raise awareness in their communities.
  • Provide conflict resolution and mediation services within the university.
  • Celebrate Peace Day with the university community and local residents.

Our Governance:

  • The forum is democratically governed by elected student representatives.
  • We develop and follow internal regulations based on national peace guidelines.
  • We prepare annual plans, secure funding, and evaluate our activities.
  • Our Accountability:
  • The forum reports to the university president and department deans for oversight and support.
  • By working together, we can create a peaceful and thriving university community that contributes to a more peaceful world.
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