Mattu University

Yuunivarsiitii Mattuu

መቱ ዩኒቨርሲቲ

Mattu University

Academic Affairs Program Directorate

Founded in 2011, Mattu University was one of the nine youngest universities established to address Ethiopia's rapid demand for skilled professionals. It began teaching in 2012 and has since played a growing role in high-quality education, research, industry partnerships, and community service. Through undergraduate and postgraduate programs in two campuses (Main and Bedele), Mattu University increases the number of qualified graduates.

The university aims to become one of Ethiopia's leading universities by 2030. To achieve this goal, it's expanding its program offerings and focusing on delivering exceptional service. This ambition is guided by the following vision and mission statements:



To be one of the best Universities in Modern Agriculture and Natural Resource fields of study, research and community engagement in Ethiopia by 2030 G.C


Producing competent and decent graduates, conducting problem solving researches, delivering research-based community services and establishing collaboration ad partnership with international and national Universities, research centres and Industries. 

Core Values

·       Relevance and Quality

·       Effective and Efficient Service Delivery

·       Recognition of Academic Freedom and Accountability

·       Academic Competency

·       Research based Innovation

·       Recognize Indigenous Knowledge

·       Acknowledge Diversity

College of Engineering and Technology:

  • Founded in 2012, the College of Engineering and Technology offers both undergraduate and postgraduate programs.
  • Undergraduates can choose from various fields like Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Construction Management, and Computer Science.
  • Postgraduate programs include specialized fields like Road Engineering, Power Engineering, and Industrial Engineering.
  • The college is also active in research, industry partnerships, and community service.

College of Natural and Computational Sciences:

  • Established in 2012, the College of Natural and Computational Sciences provides undergraduate and postgraduate programs in science and technology.
  • Undergraduate options include Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, and Sport Science.
  • Postgraduate programs focus on advanced studies in areas like Applied Microbiology, Analytical Chemistry, and Computational Physics.
  • The college actively engages in research, industry collaborations, and community service.

Founded in 2013, the College of Health Sciences at Mattu University offers a wide range of programs to prepare students for careers in healthcare.

Undergraduate Programs:

  • Public Health: Learn about disease prevention, health promotion, and community health.
  • Pharmacy: Become a pharmacist, dispensing medications and advising patients.
  • Medical Laboratory Science: Analyze blood and other samples to diagnose diseases.
  • Nursing: Provide direct care to patients in hospitals, clinics, and other settings.
  • Midwifery: Assist in childbirth and provide care to mothers and newborns.
  • Health Informatics: Use technology to improve healthcare delivery and patient outcomes.
  • Psychiatry: Focus on mental health diagnosis, treatment, and prevention.

Post-Basic Programs:

  • Family Health: Advance your skills in providing primary care to families.
  • Pharmacy: Further your expertise in pharmaceutical care.
  • Emergency and Critical Care Nursing: Specialize in caring for critically ill patients.
  • Neonatal Nursing: Care for premature and newborn babies.
  • Paediatric Nursing: Provide nursing care to children.
  • Comprehensive Nursing: Combine specialties for diverse healthcare needs.
  • Health Informatics: Deepen your knowledge of using technology in healthcare.
  • Medical Laboratory Science: Enhance your skills in laboratory testing.
  • Midwifery: Gain advanced skills in assisting childbirth and caring for mothers and newborns.

Postgraduate Programs:

  • Master of Public Health (MPH): Lead public health initiatives and projects.
  • Master of Science in Adult Health Nursing: Specialize in caring for adults with various health conditions.
  • Master of Science in Human Nutrition: Become an expert in nutrition and healthy eating.
  • Master of Science in Maternity and Reproductive Health Nursing: Focus on women's health and childbirth.
  • Master of Science in Psychiatry (ICCMH): Pursue advanced studies in mental health.

In addition to its academic programs, the College of Health Sciences is also involved in research, industry partnerships, and community service. This ensures that students graduate with the latest knowledge and skills to make a difference in the healthcare field.

College of Business and Economics 

Launching in 2013, the College of Business and Economics at Mattu University equips students with the knowledge and skills to thrive in today's dynamic business world.

Undergraduate Programs:

·       Accounting & Finance: Master the numbers and manage financial decisions for businesses. (Imagine someone analyzing charts and graphs on a computer screen)

·       Economics: Understand how economies work and how to make informed business decisions. (Think of a world map with arrows showing trade flows)

·       Management: Lead and motivate teams to achieve organizational goals. (Picture a person giving a presentation in a conference room)

·       Marketing Management: Connect with customers and build successful marketing campaigns. (Imagine social media posts and eye-catching advertisements)

·       Management Information System (MIS): Combine business knowledge with technology to optimize operations. (Think of a robot helping manage inventory in a warehouse)

·       Logistics and Supply Chain Management: Ensure smooth delivery of goods and services from producers to consumers. (Visualize a truck driving on a highway with packages)

·       Hospitality and Tourism Management: Manage hotels, restaurants, and other tourism businesses to deliver exceptional guest experiences. (Imagine a smiling hotel receptionist welcoming guests)

Postgraduate Programs:

  • Master of Arts in Project Management (MA): Lead complex projects efficiently and effectively. (Picture a Gantt chart with milestones and deadlines)
  • Master of Arts in Marketing Management (MA): Deepen your marketing expertise and develop advanced strategies. (Think of analyzing customer data and crafting persuasive marketing messages)
  • Master of Business Administration (MBA): Gain comprehensive business knowledge and leadership skills for top executive positions. (Imagine a CEO addressing a board of directors)
  • Master of Science in Accounting and Finance (MSc): Advance your accounting and financial analysis skills for specialized roles. (Picture a detailed financial report with intricate calculations)
  • Master of Science in Development Economics (MSc): Understand the economic drivers of development and contribute to positive change. (Think of a graph showing rising living standards in a developing country)
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Management (PhD): Conduct original research and contribute to the field of management knowledge. (Imagine a scholar presenting their research findings at a conference)

Beyond its academic programs, the College of Business and Economics also engages in research, industry partnerships, and community service. This ensures that students graduate with practical skills and real-world experiences, making them valuable assets to any organization.

College of Social Sciences and Humanities 

Launched in 2019, the College of Social Sciences and Humanities at Mattu University dives deep into human cultures, societies, and environments.

Undergraduate Programs:

  • Afan Oromo and Literature: Explore the rich language and literary traditions of the Oromo people. (Imagine traditional Ethiopian storytelling with colorful costumes)
  • Civics and Ethical Studies: Understand the principles of good citizenship and responsible decision-making. (Think of a person voting in an election)
  • English Languages and Literature: Master the English language and delve into classic and contemporary literature. (Picture someone reading a book under a tree)
  • Gada and Indigenous Knowledge: Discover the unique governance system and traditional knowledge of the Oromo people. (Imagine a community meeting under a large tree)
  • Geography and Environmental Studies: Understand the relationships between people and the planet, addressing environmental challenges. (Picture a map highlighting different ecosystems)
  • Journalism and Communication: Learn to effectively communicate news and information to the public. (Think of a reporter interviewing someone with a microphone)
  • Oromo Folklore and Literature: Immerse yourself in the vibrant traditional stories and songs of the Oromo people. (Imagine vibrant folk dances and drumming)
  • Sociology: Study human societies and understand the forces that shape them. (Picture a graph showing social trends and demographics)

Postgraduate Programs:

  • Master of Arts in Afan Oromo and Literature (MA): Deepen your understanding of the Oromo language and its literary heritage. (Think of analyzing texts and researching Oromo linguistics)
  • Master of Arts in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL): Train to become a skilled English teacher for non-native speakers. (Imagine teaching English through fun activities and conversation)
  • Master of Arts in Gada and Heritage Studies (MA): Become an expert in the Gada system and Oromo cultural heritage. (Think of studying historical documents and cultural practices)
  • Master of Arts in Peace and Development Studies (MA): Work towards peaceful and sustainable societies through research and activism. (Imagine people holding hands around a globe)
  • Master of Arts in Geography and Environmental Studies with Specialization: Choose your focus area:

o   Sustainable Natural Resource Management: Learn to manage resources like water, forests, and land sustainably. (Picture a farmer conserving soil and water in their field)

o   Urban and Regional Development Planning: Shape the future of cities and regions through smart planning. (Think of a city map with proposed infrastructure projects)

o   Climate Change and Sustainable Development: Understand the impacts of climate change and build resilient communities. (Imagine solar panels on houses and electric vehicles on roads)

Beyond its academic programs, the College of Social Sciences and Humanities also engages in research, industry partnerships, and community service. This ensures that students graduate with critical thinking skills and a passion for making a positive impact on the world.

College of Education and Behavioral Sciences 

Founded in 2013 with a name change in 2019, the College of Education and Behavioral Sciences at Mattu University prepares students for diverse careers in education and human behavior.

Undergraduate Programs:

  • Psychology: Understand human behavior, thoughts, and emotions. (Imagine someone analyzing data from a psychological experiment)
  • Special Needs and Inclusive Education: Equip yourself to support students with diverse learning needs in inclusive classrooms. (Think of creating a welcoming learning environment for all students)
  • Lifelong Learning and Community Development: Promote learning throughout life and contribute to positive social change. (Picture adults attending a literacy class or a community clean-up project)
  • Early Childhood Care and Education: Nurture the development of young children in a nurturing and stimulating environment. (Imagine playing with preschoolers and teaching them basic skills)
  • Educational Technology and Information Management: Combine your passion for education with technology expertise to manage information and enhance learning. (Think of developing educational apps or designing online learning platforms)
  • PDGT: This program requires further information to be accurately described.

Postgraduate Programs:

  • Master of Arts in Curriculum and Instruction (MA): Design effective and engaging learning experiences for students. (Imagine creating lesson plans and using innovative teaching methods)
  • Master of Arts in Educational Leadership and Management (MA): Lead schools and educational organizations effectively. (Picture a school principal addressing teachers and students)
  • Master of Arts in Educational Psychology (MA): Apply your understanding of psychology to improve teaching and learning processes. (Think of studying how student brains learn and using that knowledge to improve teaching methods)

Beyond academics, the College of Education and Behavioral Sciences is involved in research, industry partnerships, and community service. This ensures that students graduate with practical skills and a commitment to making a difference in the world of education and human behavior.

School of Law 

Established in 2013, the School of Law at Mattu University prepares students for successful careers in the legal field.

Undergraduate Program:

  • Bachelor of Laws (LLB): Gain a comprehensive understanding of law and justice systems, preparing for various legal professions. (Imagine arguing a case in court or drafting legal documents)

The School of Law also engages in research, industry partnerships, and community service, equipping students with real-world experience and a commitment to justice.


School of Agriculture and Natural Resource Management 

Launched in 2018, the School of Agriculture and Natural Resource Management at Mattu University focuses on sustainable management of land, resources, and living beings.

Undergraduate Programs:

  • Land Administration and Surveying: Learn to manage land ownership, use, and development through surveying and mapping skills. (Picture someone using surveying equipment to measure land boundaries)
  • Natural Resource Management: Understand how to conserve and sustainably use natural resources like water, forests, and wildlife. (Imagine planting trees or studying animal populations)
  • Forestry: Manage forests sustainably for timber, wood products, and environmental benefits. (Think of protecting endangered tree species or planting new forests)
  • Animal Science: Raise and manage animals for food, fiber, and other products while ensuring their welfare. (Picture a veterinarian examining livestock or a farmer feeding chickens)
  • Plant Science: Study the science of plants to improve agricultural production and address food security challenges. (Imagine a researcher investigating new plant varieties or developing methods for sustainable farming)

Postgraduate Program:

·         Master of Science in Animal Nutrition and Feed Science (MSc): Specialize in feeding animals properly for optimal health and production. (Think of analyzing animal diets or developing new feed formulations)

The School of Agriculture and Natural Resource Management also encourages research, industry partnerships, and community service, promoting sustainable practices and contributing to food security and environmental stewardship.


Bedele Campus

Founded in 2015 as the College of Agriculture and Forestry in Bedele town, the Bedele Campus of Mattu University has grown to encompass two colleges and two schools. It officially achieved campus status in 2020.


College of Natural Resource and Agricultural Economics: 

  • Launched in 2020, this college offers undergraduate programs in fields like Rural Development, Forestry, Ecotourism, Agribusiness, and Agricultural Economics. Postgraduate programs include Agri-Business Management and Agricultural Economics.

College of Agriculture: 

  • Begins in 2020: this college focuses on agriculture through programs in Veterinary Science, Animal Science, Plant Science, and Horticulture. Postgraduate options include Animal Production, Agronomy, and Soil Science.


School of Commerce: 

  • Established in 2021, this school offers undergraduate programs in Economics, Marketing Management, and Cooperative Accounting & Auditing


 School of Social Studies: 

  • Founded in 2022, this school focuses on social sciences with undergraduate programs in Social Anthropology and Governance & Development Studies.

Mattu University at Bedele Campus boasts a diverse range of academic options:

  • 58 undergraduate programs across all colleges and schools
  • 9 post-basic programs within the College of Health Sciences
  • 39 Master of Science/Arts (MSc/MA) programs offered across various colleges and schools
  • 2 Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) programs available

The Bedele Campus actively engages in research, industry partnerships, and community service, ensuring students graduate with both knowledge and practical experience.


Dr. Diriba Gemechu

Academic Affairs Program Directorate

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