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Mattu University was established among 3rd generation Universities with the primary intention to bring quality education, undertake problem-solving research, and multi-dimensional services to the communities. Community service encompasses a wide range of educational, cultural, economic, environmental, scientific, social, and other activities that involve interaction with individuals, groups, and organizations. The key aspect of Physics department is achieving the goal of the Mattu University and the Department of Physics of Mattu University has undergone an evolutionary transformation after some years of course delivery under the division of college Natural and Computational Science by the year 2011G.C since its establishment. Until Know, the Department trained and graduated potential human power in Bachelor and Master of Science in Physics. The contribution of the Department, in this regard, was instrumental in producing educated and skill full human power in the country. With regards to postgraduate program, the Department first launched, MSc (Master of Science in Physics) by the year of 2019G.C. Side by side new MSc curriculum in Physics was developed and implemented. Currently the Department runs Master of Science in Physics in three streams (Condensed matter Physics, Computational Physics and Nuclear Physics). Since the inception of the program the department trained many graduates in both regular and non-regular mode of deliveries. The department have five laboratory demonstration room, Such as electronics & electromagnetism laboratory room, Mechanics laboratory, wave and optics laboratory, advanced laboratory and computer laboratory class. 

The department now employs 18 academic and one administrative staff members, as well as four science laboratory rooms and one computer lab room. The department collaborates with Gambella University to teach students in numerous laboratory courses. Furthermore, since its inception, the department of physics has been involved in over 15 community service programs as well as numerous problem-solving research projects.

2011 Established Year
18 Faculty & Staff
399 Students
3 Publications
10 Funded Projects
355 Graduated Students

Mr. Redwan Hussein Abdu

HoD's Message

Education is an essential element of human civilization, and the environment is critical to establishing a learning environment. Parks, gardens, and natural landscapes offer several educational benefits, including helping in the cognitive, emotional, and physical well-being of students. Mattu University is located in south-west Ethiopia, in the Ilubabor zone, in every UNESCO-recognized green zone, and this environmental creation gives students additional motivation to join Mattu University. The Department of Physics is one of the departments offered at Mattu University's College of Natural and Computational Sciences. Physics is a vast and interesting field with many possibilities for individuals to investigate and contribute to our understanding of the universe. Runing a physics department can provide numerous benefits and offer up a world of opportunities for personal and professional development. Currently, our department is involved in research, community service, and community development projects, as well as addressing society's socioeconomic issues.

Mattu University is always willing to help undergraduate and graduate students improve their knowledge and skills. Mattu University's Department of Physics includes well-qualified and experienced professionals who provide knowledge to undergraduate and graduate students. Furthermore, our laboratories are well-organized, as evidenced by the students who have graduated from our university and are currently pursuing their education through our department. For more than four years, the department has provided his education in three postgraduate specializations. An individual can learn critical thinking, problem-solving skills, and resource analysis which are sought after in a variety of businesses. Furthermore, the skills provided in the physics department can be applied to other subjects such as computer science, engineering, and even finance. Finally, we hope to see you in the physics department and wish you the best of success.


To see a well-organized physics teaching and research canter is based at Mettu University 


✤ To develop a well-trained manpower capable of teaching and engaging research in higher educational institutions and industries to meet the required demand for various competitive along the goal of Ethiopian higher educations and Mattu University 

✤ To initiate students transferring and developing appropriate technology that utilizes concepts of physics.

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