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Department of Early Childhood Care and Education

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Established in 2015 under the College of Education and Behavioral Science, the Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) department at Mattu University has proudly nurtured generations of early childhood professionals. To date, we have graduated over 100 highly skilled individuals, with a further 152 currently enrolled in our rigorous Bachelor of Arts program. Our dedicated team of four instructors currently guide approximately 45 students across third and fourth-year cohorts.

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Mr. Alemayehu Hunde Hirpo

HoD's Message

Early childhood education is the cornerstone of thriving societies. This principle, echoed throughout history by developed nations, recognizes the critical importance of pre-school years in shaping productive and healthy citizens. Why? Because these early years lay the foundation for:

  • Optimal brain development: Research points to preschool's crucial role in forging crucial neuron connections, impacting how children learn, think, and behave throughout their lives.
  • Improved health and academic outcomes: Studies consistently show that preschool participation leads to better nutrition, health, and educational success, both in the immediate and long-term.
  • Enhanced social and emotional skills: Preschool fosters crucial social, emotional, and cognitive development, equipping children for success in school and life.
  • Reduced social inequality: Investing in preschool programs benefits children from all backgrounds, narrowing the achievement gap and promoting social mobility.


We envision a future where every Ethiopian child can reach their full potential, nurtured by quality early childhood education delivered with love and encouragement.


Our mission is to empower Ethiopia with a generation of capable, responsible, and committed ECCE professionals equipped with the knowledge, skills, and passion to shape the lives of young children.

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