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About the Department

Your Gateway to Protecting Ethiopia's Green Treasures

Nestled in the heart of Ethiopia's lush southwest, home to 70% of the country's natural forests and the UNESCO-recognized Yayu Coffee Forest Biosphere Reserve, our Department of Forestry stands at the forefront of protecting this vital resource.

Why Forestry at Mattu University?

  •    - Guardians of Green: Learn to manage forests sustainably, considering biological, social, economic, and policy aspects.
  •    - Impactful Careers: Become a qualified forestry professional, contributing to livelihoods, climate change mitigation, and more.
  •    - Cutting-edge Knowledge: Gain access to the latest innovations through research and partnerships with government and NGOs.
  •    - Integrated Learning: Dive deeper than textbooks through hands-on activities and collaborations with communities and policymakers.
  •    - Regional Leader: Join us in building a center of excellence in forestry education and research, influencing the country and beyond.

 Our Objectives:

  •    - Nurture skilled professionals: Prepare graduates to effectively manage and utilize forests.
  •    - Share knowledge: Disseminate research findings through accessible channels.
  •    - Strengthen forest management: Conduct research and build partnerships for sustainable practices.
  •    - Shape policy: Provide expertise for national and international forest resource development.
  •    - Offer top-tier education: Equip students with diverse and up-to-date knowledge.
  •    - Bridge research and practice: Extend new technologies to benefit communities.

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Mr. Samuel Taye Galu


HoD's Message

Forests: Our Green Partners for a Sustainable Future

Forests aren't just trees; they're vital partners in creating a healthy planet. They provide us with timber, medicine, food, fuel, and much more. They also help control climate change and protect wildlife.

The Department of Forestry at Mattu University offers one of the best undergraduate programs in Ethiopia for students who want to become guardians of this crucial resource.

Why choose Forestry at Mattu University?

  • Exciting career opportunities: The world needs skilled forestry professionals to manage forests sustainably and address environmental challenges. This is your chance to play a role in shaping a greener future.
  • Valuable resources: Forests are becoming increasingly important for renewable energy, climate change protection, and biodiversity conservation. Our department prepares you to contribute to these growing fields.
  • Unique expertise: Our faculty members have top-notch training from renowned universities and strong backgrounds in areas like forest ecology, environmental law, and sustainable development.
  • Integrated learning: We go beyond textbooks! Our hands-on approach involves working with forest managers, communities, and policymakers to gain practical experience in protecting, harvesting, and utilizing forest resources.
  • Global outlook: We keep our curriculum updated to address global challenges like climate change and ensure our graduates are ready to compete in the international arena.

If you're passionate about nature and want to make a real difference, the Department of Forestry at Mattu University is the place for you. Join us and become a champion for our green partners!


To become a leading academic and research center, producing knowledgeable professionals, generating solutions, and ultimately, excelling as Ethiopia's and the region's premier hub for forestry expertise.


We're committed to leveraging our location advantages and launching an MSc program in Forestry soon. Join us in safeguarding our green heritage and building a sustainable future for all.

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