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This program is designed to respond to immediate needs of the country to increase livestock production and productivity, and thereby contribute to improve the livelihood of its people. The program aims at producing competent professionals who are well equipped with both theoretical and practical knowledge and skills in managing all aspects of livestock production and management in the Ethiopian context and, thereby to conduct various animal science related research and development activities, which can contribute to the country’s development program.

The curriculum is designed in convention way where courses are set to be completed semester wise. There are a number of reasons to change the modularized curriculum into the conventional which is semester course wise. Firstly, the courses in modularized curriculum are organized to be offered in few weeks (eight weeks) which do not give enough time for the students to understand and absorb the courses in this short time. Furthermore, the time allotted for each course in modularized curriculum is not sufficient for the preparation and undertaking of practical and laboratory classes. Thus, the current curriculum is designed in conventional way where courses are designed to be completed in semester wise. 

2022 Established Year
6 Faculty & Staff
39 Students
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Mr. Sisay Legese Negewo

HoD's Message

Agriculture is the engine and the backbone of the Ethiopian economy. Ethiopia has a diverse natural resource which contributes favorable condition for agricultural development. Among the Agriculture, livestock sector plays great roles in fulfilling food security and income generation. The country endowed with the largest livestock of different species which includes cattle, sheep, goats, poultry and honey bees. Even if our country ranked in Africa and as the world in livestock numbers, the benefits obtained from animal is not comparable with huge animal numbers. This is hindered by different factors such as lack of improved breeds, shortage of feed in quality and quantity, poor management, animal disease and parasite, lack of capital and unskilled manpower. Therefore, it requires taking critical thinking and actions to solve it. 

In the coming decades, increasing animal products and ensuring food security for the Ethiopians will face great challenges. Animal products such as meat, milk, egg and honey does not fulfil the demand requirements. This is because of the rapid increment of population, low animal products, climate change, decline of available natural resources specially grazing land, inflation of basic needs, young unemployment, political turmoil, and civil conflict. Currently animal production and productivity of the country in general can be improved and increased through the use of improved animal breeds, multiplication and intensification of improved forages, improved managements including proper feeding, housing and health care Thus, there is an increasing demand from the stakeholders and the country at large for trained/highly qualified and skilled professionals to take care of and tackle the multifaceted problems related to livestock sector. This can be attained if and only if a large number of well trained and qualified human resources are involved in all processes of technology generation, dissemination and development in all aspects of livestock production. Thus, department of Animal science is established at Mattu University to fill the gap elaborated above. 

It is known that our area is endowed with a huge and diverse natural resources and the majority more than 85% of our peoples were depend on Agriculture and livestock production runs in rural, pre urban and urban areas. Major livestock products produced in our area includes milk, beef, mutton, cheavon, egg, and honey.  Therefore, department of Animal science is struggle for ensuring food self-sufficiency and food security as the surrounding area and at large national level through producing competent professionals who are well equipped with both theoretical and practical knowledge and skills in managing and producing all aspects of Animal production and management, giving community service as our university motto (“Dedicated to Serve the Community”), and doing problem solving researches in all aspects of livestock production.


Department of Animal Science aims to be one of the leading departments of agricultural institutions and full-fledged center of excellence in the area of livestock production in southwest Ethiopia by 2030.


The program will contribute to the development of livestock sector and thereby ensure food security and self-sufficiency through: 

- Teaching and research activities in the area of livestock production and management,

- Generating knowledge and producing skilled manpower in the field of animal production, 

- Offering tailor-made trainings and consultancy services for those involved in animal production, either small scale producers or commercial as well,

- Modernizing livestock production sector by supplying it improved technologies i.e. improved breeds, genetic improvement by selection and artificial insemination techniques, feed improvements by improved forage production and feed conservation and control of animal disease and parasites , etc., and Improving the quality of living of the society by supplying surplus production by maximizing productivity. 

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