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Computer Science, as defined by the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) and the IEEE Computer Society, delves into the fundamental principles of information and computation. At its core, it revolves around problem-solving, achieved through the intricate processes of designing, developing, and analyzing both software and hardware. This multifaceted discipline is dedicated to meeting the diverse needs of society, spanning financial services, business operations, and scientific endeavours. Encompassing theoretical studies on algorithms and the boundaries of computation, as well as the hands-on aspects of implementing computing systems, Computer Science offers a comprehensive exploration of both the theoretical foundations and practical applications that drive technological innovation.

Established in 2010, Mattu University swiftly emerged as one of the nation's youngest educational institutions, strategically positioned to address the burgeoning demand for skilled professionals in Ethiopia. Commencing its teaching-learning endeavours in December 2011, the university houses a dynamic Faculty of Engineering and Technology, boasting the Department of Computer Science. Within this department, a pioneering Undergraduate B.Sc. Program was introduced, tailored to produce adept engineers equipped to strategize, design, develop, and sustain the rapidly expanding ICT landscape in the country. The success of the undergraduate program is evidenced by the numerous graduates who have seamlessly transitioned into impactful roles within both governmental and non-governmental organizations, contributing significantly to the nation's technological advancement.

The Department of Computer Science, responding to contemporary demands, launched an MSc program in the year 2021. The inaugural batch has graduated, showcasing the department's commitment to cutting-edge education. With top-notch facilities and a faculty of industry experts, students benefit from a blend of theory and practical insights. The department's holistic approach includes research, industry collaborations, and community outreach, shaping graduates into leaders in the dynamic field of computer science. 

2012 Established Year
27 Faculty & Staff
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77 Publications
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Mr. Amansisa Embabo


HoD's Message

Dear Students, Instructors, and Stakeholders,

As the Head of the Department of Computer Science at Mattu University, it brings me immense pride to witness the dynamic evolution of our academic endeavors. Since our establishment in 2012 G.C., we've been dedicated to meeting the growing demands of Ethiopia's technological landscape.

Right from the beginning, the Department of Computer Science with immense Dedication and Commitment is producing highly skilled BSc students. Our commitment to excellence has led to the inception of an MSc program in Computer Science in 2021 G.C., a testament to our adaptability and pursuit of cutting-edge education. The successful graduation of our first MSc batch underscores our commitment to producing industry-ready professionals.

Our department, equipped with top-notch facilities and led by a faculty of seasoned experts, is not only fostering academic prowess but also engaging in impactful research, industry collaborations, and community outreach. We strive to provide an education that goes beyond the theoretical, preparing our students to be leaders in the ever-evolving world of technology.

I invite you to join us on this journey of knowledge, innovation, and societal impact. Together, let us continue to shape the future of Computer Science at Mattu University.


Computer Science will:

  • Provide an environment of learning that fosters competency, growth, and appreciation of Computer Science in diverse fields such as science, engineering, architecture, business, health, and the like.
  • Promote students to be actively involved in social activities and cooperation with other academic institutions, governmental bodies, and business companies; to encourage their talents, creativity, teamwork, decision-making and problem-solving abilities.
  • Produce Computer Scientists with the Computer Science foundation and adaptive skills to serve in different sectors.
  • Prepare students with essential knowledge of Computer Science for successful graduate study, scientific research, and concentration in specific areas of the discipline and beyond.
  • Implement efficient, effective, transparent, IT-based learning to familiarize students to current technology.


The mission of B.Sc. curriculum in Computer Science is to deliver an internationally recognized study program in Computer Science through an innovative and effective process to upgrade the students’ learning towards the national and international standards that meet the 21st century standards, and to the nation development goal of 2030. 

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